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Video Player Problems


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I am having problems with my video player. I've created videos using Window Movie Maker. The videos play with no problem on Window Media Player. I am using Windows 7.


When the show starts, it plays the first song with video. The rest of the show fails after the first song. I've changed the order of the sequences in the show and it's the same problem with any sequence. It always fails on the second sequence. It doesn't matter which sequence is in the second slot. I've put a non-video sequence in the second slot as well. It plays through that with no problem. However, it stops on the second video sequence (3rd slot). With a non-video sequence in the mix, it replays the non-video sequences while skipping all video sequences.


Support has suggested that I re-encode my videos. I have done so with no luck. 


Any suggestions.

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I've removed all videos sequences. I've added one verified video sequence. It plays through the sequence. When trying to restart the show, it fails. The console log says it has problems trying to play the video. It only fails when it's the second song.


I've thought about create one long video sequence with all the songs, but it fails on the second run through and defeats the purpose of the software.


Note: I'm using wmv files.

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I had version 4.2.6. Support had me install version 4.2.12 which resolved the problem.

Fortunately I didn't have to uninstall first. I just loaded the setup file and ran the install process. It saved my license key so I didn't have to re-register the software.

Here is a link to one of my shows.

Pentatonix - Little Drummer Boy

No video when this was recorded.

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Sorry no one got to you sooner but im glad you got the issue fixed.


Nice job on the sequence, I like how you didn't go nuts with flashy

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Hi Borth,

I am having the same issue but I have the latest version. But when I created the videos I was in an older version then I updated it. Did you have to redo the video files after you updated the version?

Thanks! Going crazy trying to fix it.

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