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Naming/Renaming is inconsistent


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Using Visualizer 4.2.10.


The naming conventions are inconsistent.


I created props and let it name everything...

When I created my 32 channel mega tree, it used this format: [Mega 1 - DMX Pixels XX] where XX is a zero filled double digit number from 01 to 32.

When I created my 8 channel trees, it used this format: [Tree 1 - DMX Pixels X]  where X is a single digit from 1 to 8.

When I ran the rename wizard, it used this format: [Tree 1 - DMX Pixels #X] where it inserted a number sign and X is a single digit from 1 to 8. It also changed the name of my prop to be [Tree 1 - DMX Pixels] because I could not set the individual channels automatically without doing so.


There is no way for me to use the rename wizard and remove the # sign without going into each and every channel and doing them manually. It would be great if they were consistent or allowed for a pattern maker to be utilized.






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