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RGB Floods LOR Level?


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I have two LOR 50W RGB Flood lights and when I go into my sequence editor, it comes up with an error saying it won't control non-LOR devices. I have the Basic Pro level of the software. Do you need to have the advanced level to be able to run two RGB devices? Or do I just have them set wrong.

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I can't say for sure, but I think you do need a higher license level to control more devices, know the "basic" license only controls 2 controllers maximum{don't know if the Basic Pro is the same as the standard basic license as I haven't looked at the newer "Pro" licenses as yet}, but if it is, and if you already have 2 CTB16PC controllers for example and then add in the RGB controllers, which brings your controller count up to 4, you'd definitely need a higher license level, since the LOR RGB devices have their own controllers{if memory serves right}.  So you'd need at least 'Basic +" to control everything..  This is why the higher licenses are always recommended when getting into this hobby, as your display expands and grows, you are already set to add what you need when you need or want to add it.

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Loumeau, you said you have the basic pro level license - there is no such level. The number of allowed controllers per license level are as follows:

Basic - 2

Basic Plus - 4

Standard - 8

Advanced - unlimited

Pro - unlimited

See http://www1.lightorama.com/sequencing-suite-software/ for the comparison.

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LOR 50W Floods can be added by simply added 1 RGB channel, and 2 'regular' channels to your sequence.


Remember that each 50W flood has it's own controller built in, so you will want to assign the flood a UnitID. If you have the Basic Plus license, you can only control 4 UnitID's. 

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