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Newb help understanding scheduling a show


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I'm just getting started this year, going with a basic animating music sequence on our indoor Christmas tree.  I'll work my way up to an outdoor display eventually :-)


Anyway, I'm coming along on my sequences and was reading up on how the scheduling works but am unclear how I would need to set things up for what I'm thinking.


So I have my musical animated sequence - I want that to play maybe for a half hour or an hour each night.  Honestly I think I'll want it more on demand but I'll work that out.  But for the time that the musical sequence isn't playing, I want to simulate "normal" tree lights and just have the lights on, or maybe a simple animation sequence with an occasional twinkle or something.  


So most of the time the lights would just be "on", but then occasionally sprinkled in with the musical sequence.


Say you schedule a sequence for an hour, but the sequence only runs for 15 minutes - does it just continually repeat for the scheduled time?  


From what I'm reading I think I would have two sequences scheduled, like my "normal" "on" one from evening till some point, the music one for awhile, then back to the normal one until bed.  Is that how it would work?  Or am I thinking about it wrong?  


Thanks for any advice!

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