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Media File Could Not Be Converted To Internal WAV Format


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My first ever light show was running as smooth as ever, finished up a 20 minute mash up on Audacity and come to find out I can't use Beat Wizard or view the waveform on the sequence editor because the media file can't be converted to the LOR internal WAV format. Is this an easy fix? I've tried converting to WAV, and MP3 through Audacity but still no cigar. I tried using the Tapper wizard but I've found out timing is a big pain using that wizard. And I've also tried converting regular length songs to the sequence editor and I get the same results.

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I just moved a couple of test sequences to a Win10 laptop and now get this same error on every sequence I load.  These same files play nice together on another desktop, also Win 10, that I've been using for some time with no problems.  


LOR Suite v 4.2.12 Pro


Also did this with the Advanced level, same laptop before upgrading.  What's up?  

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More examples of why I have not moved to Win 10...

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This is usually caused because you moved the LOR Data directory to somewhere that we don't have proper access to - like the desktop.  

This is why we default the LOR data directory to your 'My Documents' folder.  Windows considers that folder 'safe' and we can create the files we need.  However if you put the data directory somewhere that is 'protected' (like the desktop or any number of other areas), Windows will NOT let us create files there.  When we can't create the file, the process won't work and you get errors.

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