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Leaking Triac's


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If it holds the lights on, it could be distracting,  Most of the time, if LED's, they'll continue to glow very dimly.  Hopefully it may not be too noticeable, but if the TRIAC happens to fail completely, either the channel won't turn on at all, or it may turn on full and can't be turned off.   If that happens, hopefully you have a spare unused channel you can connect that light strand or item to to have it function in your show correctly.    If not, only other option is take the controller out of the show and replace the TRIAC.  If you can solder and have the skills, you can do it yourself, just send the help desk a ticket telling them WHICH CONTROLLER you have, as older and newer controllers use different TRIACS!    And then they will usually send you out some spares to fix the issue.


If you can't do it yourself, only other options are find someone locally to you that could do the replacement for you once you get the parts or worse case, you'll have to send the controller back to LOR to have it repaired/replaced.


Those are your only options.     This is why some either buy an extra controller, or they leave some controller channels unused for such cases.

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Here is discussion from earlier this year.

I had some triacs go bad and I replaced them.

I bought parts from Mouser. There is a link in the thread shown below.



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