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OK folks, hope someone can help.

Every time I get started with SS I hit the first hurdle and can't seem to get over it. So I went to PE and am working on my CCP string matrix there. But I feel like I am missing out on half of what LOR can do. My first year with pixels. Have most of my songs sequenced and use Visualizer and now PE. But I keep getting the itch to try SS.


I guess before I go into a long winded explanation of my problem I should ask if strings can be folded in SS as in PE. I decided to go with a basic matrix of 12 rows and 25 columns. ( I might flip it depending on looks) I only have 3 CCP's - 300 bulbs so not enough to make a proper tree and folding them in PE gives me the biggest size for my buck. ( 12 by 25 is better than 6 by 50 )


If I can use SS in this configuration then I will ask my question. If not I will have to be content to wait till next year and get serious with PE.



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Yes you can. You have to make a viz file. I do pixels so not sure how to set up CCR's. I believe when you set up yer prop there is a n option for zig zag. Brian will be along shortly I am sure.

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Launch the Visualizer, find the Matrix Wizard button and click on it. The settings in there are somewhat self explanatory. If you need help with them post again. 

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ARRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH Charlie Brown moment!!!


After mucking about with PE for several hours this past week. And taking today to construct my actual matrix. All built and controllers working in hardware.  NOW I read I need PRO level license to use PE.


Looks like I need to go into SS head first now.  Wish me luck  ( I did purchase that upgrade! )

I have Visualizer working no prob. Used that in PE


EDIT: Nope - used PE to build matrix, all other stuff in VIS. Now trying to learn to do that and found this:

Ensure that you are running at least advanced version.


So I need to upgrade to Advanced License to run my new CCP controllers?

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