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Cant test CCBs in HWU Test Console


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I have read through some past forums about the Test Console in the HWU and how to test ALL the leds on the CCB string, but everything I have tried, I can only see first 5 bulbs lit and cant get the Channel Group Slider to be active and see more than 16 channels.

When I turn on Extended Circuit Ids, I am able to move the slider and see rest of channels, but light do nothing when I change their intensity. 




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Welcome to the forum!

Your membership certificate to the JimSWinder Academy of Self-Answered Questions is in the mail. I'm sure he'll be honored to have you aboard.

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Which version were you using and which did you upgrade to?    if I ever am able to get into RGB and get some LOR RGB Pixel Bulbs, want to be sure I won't run into the same issue you encountered.  As I am currently using LOR 3.8.2, so definitely need to know if I'll have to upgrade to make all the LOR Pixel bulbs light up!

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