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10 Channel Jumbo Star


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My standard star is 29 1/2 inches from the top left tip to the top right tip. I have had a few people ask for stars that are larger than this. The largest star that you can cut from a standard 4' x 8' sheet of HDPE is 49 1/2 inches from the top left tip to the top right tip. With a star that size you can fit 10 concentric stars into it. Rick Turman at Reliable Formed Plastics has drawn up a design. If there is enough interest in it I will ask him to make some. Here is a page on my web site that shows the design:




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If I were to ever build a tree bigger than my 15 foot tree I would definitely buy this star. Shipping might be the killer though but we all spend a lot on this hobby anyway so whats a few more dollars. I have no need for one this year but who knows come next year.

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I got four of the jumbo stars in today. Here is a picture of me holding one of the pieces, and another picture showing them on the pallet, you can see how much bigger the jumbo star is.







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I can sell them now. I can stick with the price mentioned on the web site. $399.95 for a kit, and I will charge the actual shipping charge which I expect will be $90 - $150 depending on your location. I can assemble it for an additional $200.00. Send an email to brian@superstarlights.com if you are interested

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