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I saw a few old posts on this topic back in 2012, but I didn't think resurrecting a zombie thread was appropriate...


I was wondering if there was a way to a hierarchy to the layers of effects.  


It would be VERY handy in animations to have one layer completely over power a lower layer (think of the new years eve ball sliding down a pole, where the pole is one image, and the ball is another).  Ideally, i'd like to declare the ball (in this example) as being on top, and completely overwrite whatever color is being shown on a pixel that represents the pole, as that ball slides down.  I could do it by creating a few dozens static images of the ball in varying levels of descent; or if I could prioritize the layers (layer hierarchy) I could simply put the ball over top of the pole, and motion the ball image downward.


Was curious if this feature ever made it forward into S4.




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Yes it would indeed be handy! And you are correct, it is not in there yet. I can't promise it will get in there this year, but pretty sure it will happen next year.

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As said in the OP, it's possible, if I understand what your wanting, but it's time consuming. I have a few effects that change from green to red on the 16 x 50 pixel tree, but it's 50 green and 50 red scenes. It took about an hour to create for about a 2 second effect. The good thing is, I only had to do it once and just copy and paste, then change the colors. It can also be done with images, but I've never figured it out, properly at least..


kneel999 did it in his sequence, "A Mad Russian's Christmas". Time stamp 0:38 in this video:   

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