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Compatibility of LOR USB485 Adaptors


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I have recently acquired a D-light ACx16 Controller.  It requires a USB485 adapter and I can't find anything for D-light anymore.  I am wondering if the LOR adaptors are compatible with the D-light controller.  Any insight and help would be greatly appreciated.



Thank you,


Dane Meyers

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Hello Dman9385,


 I am sorry I didn't try to help you sooner. I lost your post. I have all D-Light controllers, but are using LOR SE. This year I added 3 LOR CMB24 controllers. The D-Light controller works perfect with the LOR USB485 when running your show only. Your issue may be assigning it an ID and testing. You must use the D-Light USB485 and Hardware Utility to find the controller and set the ID. The LOR USB will not find the D-Light controller(s) nor set the ID. When running my show I even have the D-Light controller first in the daisy chain using the LOR USB. Last year I used the D-Light USB485 with LOR SE. Hope this helps you or anyone one else.


Oh, just remembered. I bought a USB485 from D-Light in 2013. I also send in my controllers for repair to D-Light. I didn't this year tho. Odd no response from them. Their website also is different/updated.



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