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SS Embedded Sequences Don't Play in Sync


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I am having a problem in S3 to play an embedded SS sequence in sync with the rest of the channels.   I'm using LOR 3.11.2 with a 7 minute long sequence using a 1280x720 *.wmv file (~500MB) for media.   I have 4 CCB strings (driven by a SS sequence as a channel in the sequence), one CMB24, and two LOR 16 dimmer packs.   The problem is repeatable and exhibits the following behavior with the real devices as well as in the Visualizer:


1 - Good sync : A single playback from the sequence editor the CCB's are in sync with the media and matches the SS programming.

2 - Bad SS sequence sync : Playbacks in the sequence editor with "loop at end" enabled  - the SS sequence starts about a second early on all replays except the first play.

3 - Bad SS sequence sync : If I place the sequence in a show the SS sequence always starts about a second early every time.


Here's a short video showing the timing problem as shown in the visualizer.  The left half is case 1 from above and the right half is case 3.  The CCB's outline my house, and the other bulbs are floods.  The Thriller bass beat should be the CCB pulses, but in the bad video you can see it is out of sync with the music and is measured at ~ 1 second early.




Any ideas would be appreciated.  Thank you.



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After reading some posts I went back in and realized that "play compressed sequences" was not enabled.  Once I set that everything seemed to remain in sync at least for case 3.   I'll need to do some more testing and see if it always holds true.   I'm not sure that setting will do anything for case 2, but maybe that is a bug with LOR.

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