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Spiral tree help?


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Hello guys this is my 2nd year doing a light show using light-o-rama, and I wanted to ask if anybody has done a spiral tree using the DMX 27 Channel with RGB dumb strip? not sure if my question even makes sense but I'm still searching on how it will come together. thank you!!!

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I have made a spiral using LOR 24 channel DC board and RGB bullet lights (DUMB). My tree is 7 ft tall with 8 strands of lights, each strand 35 bulbs long. I just completed testing and took it apart for storage.

Could of used the 27 channel DMX controller but 8 channels lined up nicely on the tree and so it seemed to fit perfectly with the LOR DC card.

Maybe I can answer your questions, even if I didn't use strip.


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It's possible, but power is going to play a factor. The 27ch is rated at 15A. The LOR 24 is rated at 60A. You can modify the 27ch controller to gain more power...I believe to 30A. It simple and just need small wire and solder. There is a how to write up somewhere.

If you use Sax setup of 8 strands of 35 bulbs bullet style...should be no problem using the 27ch without the mod.

For the mini trees....if you used 100 bulbs per tree for all 9 RGB groups....your going to have a problem. Too much power even with the mod. That's about 32A all-on. Making sure not all 9 RGB groups are all-on (white) at the same time...you should be able to get away with it. Or use about 80 bulbs per tree with the mod. 40 bulbs per without the mod.

Just make sure you calculate your power requirements, test and take readings.

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It doesn't have to be light strips I just thought that is what is easiest to find to purchase and stay on budget.


Speaking of budget would it be cheaper to use the 27ch DMX modified or just go with the LOR 24ch since I would probably want to use more lights. Also what set up is easiest to do since I'm still new at all this?

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If you haven't used RGB before, please be aware that it is nothing like incandescent. I use much less bulbs for similar effect. The bulbs are slightly smaller than c7. And very bright.

For my mini trees, there is no way to put 100 of the bullett bulbs on my 3 ft trees. The bulbs and cables would be overwhelming and the tree would not look like a tree. My 3 ft trees have 15 bulbs or so each. These are very bright with just this few.

For my 7 ft spiral, the 35 bulbs is 1 1/2 turns.

I would just like to say that you get more from these bulbs than you might think. Modding the card is not a must for an RGB yard.

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