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ActiDongle with DMX lights

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I'm using the Holiday Coro Actidongle to run a 27 channel controller and three 3 channel controllers also from Holiday Coro using the S3 software. 


My question is: has anyone tried running any DMX stage type lights with this setup?  I am looking at a couple of RGB DMX lights as well as a DMX UV light that I found for fairly cheap.  I assume ;) that I could just run a DMX 3-pin cable from the 27 channel controller to the first DMX light, set the address accordingly and sequence in LOR as regular channels set to DMX.  Everything I'm using right now is set to RGB channels because that's all I'm using. The DMX lights I'm looking at use 4 channels, so I couldn't use the RGB option in LOR (right?)



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Yes, I have the HolidayCoro 27 channel controller.  I found a relatively inexpensive DMX light on Amazon that states it uses 4 channels. I haven't done a lot of research on it yet, I wanted to find out if it would work with my controller first.

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