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house projection with light-o-rama contoller and software


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Hi from Corvallis.  Are you talking about a projection map (custom videos that are mapped to your house) or just using a video projector as part of your display?  To add a projector you will need the maxed out version of the LOR softwear to run the video.  Of course a projector is needed and a REALLY long vga cable. You will be running the show from your computer.  We use LOR to run our Halloween show and video is a big part of it.  Logistics for a projector outside are to keep it dry and secure. 


Dry: I built a casket to house my unit, It keeps the projector dry and if you set it back about 3-4 inches from the hole the projector shines out of in the enclosure it will stay dry. Obviously a casket is not very holiday esque. Maybe a lighted gift box or other Christmas prop to house your projector?


Secure: see above, my casket is very heavy and takes 2 people to move and my yard has motion alarms in it as well, I also don't use a super $$ projector.  I pick up projectors at surplus sales.  I just got a 900 lumen InFocus unit Wed for $75 at the OSU surplus sale. Full dark 900 lumens works well.


I use windows movie maker (its free) and audiocity (also free) to create my videos, If I don't want anything projected just set screen to a black color. LOR can't control your projector to turn on/off.

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I am looking to do this as part of my Halloween show as well and I am just curious about 1 aspect.


How does the light o rama software control the video being sent to the projector? Is there a way to load a movie file and synch it up with the lights and what not? I assume that is how it works .... and as you mention I assume you need the highest tier version of LOR.

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You can sync to a video file, such as .wmv just as you would audio.


You would probably want to set your controlling computer up to have a dual monitor output, using the projector as the 2nd monitor. You would then set your video preferences appropriately.



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