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  1. In the S5 Beta released June 29, 2019 there is a new "Auto Sequence Singing Faces" feature in SuperStar. To access the feature bring up the "Image" dialog box and click on the "Auto Sequence Singing Faces" button in the lower right of the Image dialog box. Here is a video tutorial on the "Auto Sequence Singing Faces" feature: Here also is some documentation: Auto Sequence Singing Faces This feature can automatically move the mouth of a singing face to match the singing in a song! To access this feature: Click on the “Tools”
  2. In version 4.3.32 released June 29, 2018 SuperStar now has a new "Auto Sequence" Feature. Auto Sequence is a mixture of standard sequencing and "instant sequence." It allows you to create impressive sequences quickly while still allowing a lot of control and creativity in the creation of your sequence. Here is an "Introduction and Preview" video:
  3. 16 CCR, 160 CCR, and 320 CCR licenses have been added to the online store! The 16 CCR license makes it so you don't have to get the 24 CCR license to do sequencing for 12 and 16 CCRs The 160 CCR license allows for exporting sequences of up to 8,000 pixels or 24,000 channels The 320 CCR license allows for exporting sequences of up to 16,000 pixels or 48,000 channels Note that to be able you use the new licenses you will need to download the latest version of SuperStar which is version 4.3.24 If you are using an older version of SuperStar and you purchase the 16 C
  4. Many folks have asked for sequences for the 16x25 Tree that Light-O-Rama sells. It took me a while but I finally have 5 sequences for the 16x25 LOR Tree. The sequences are based on the 24x25 CCP Tree with Globe sequences. I used the "Move or Scale Selected Effects" feature to move and scale the sequencing and then did some manual modifications as well. I think the results turned out quite well. The sequences are available at the top of my sequence purchase page at www.superstarlights.com I have "Wizards in Winter", "Carol of the Bells (Christmas Eve Sarajevo)", "Christmas Canon", "A Mad R
  5. There is now a "Pixel Extender" feature in SuperStar. It is designed to convert sequences made for 50 pixel strings to any number of pixels from 50-170. Many people have DMX ribbons that are the same length as CCRs, but they have more than 50 pixels, typically 100 pixels or 150 pixels. So now they can use sequences that were written for 50 pixels. The feature is in the latest beta release: Released announcement here. To use the feature: 1) launch superstar 2) open a 50 pixel "CCR mode" sequence 3) click on the Tools menu and select "Configuration" 4) In the Configuration dialog box set "D
  6. Version 4.3.22 has the most recent SuperStar code and includes the features and bug fixes mentioned below. Please download and give it a try! New Features: Added Preferences dialog box, Added Layer Priority Feature to the Preferences dialog box Added Transparent, Semi-Transparent, and Solid in the Effect dialog boxes Added "Move or Scale Selected Effects..." dialog box (accessed through the Tools menu) Improved Image Group Modify dialog box so that moving text actions has the same interface as the other Group dialog boxes Added speed control for twinkle and
  7. I experimented with using four globes hanging from a tree, with the idea that they are like Christmas ornaments. The globes are the same as the globe that is at the top of my CCP Tree with Globe. Here is a sequence that I wrote just for the globes, it is to the song "Meteor Shower" by Chris Layton. Here is a sequence to the song "Meteor Shower" on a CCP Tree with Globe at the top. Here I just put "All I Want for Christmas Is You" for the CCP Tree with Globe onto the four globes. In essence, the first globe uses the sequencing from the globe at the top of th
  8. My first Marty Fan. (Go figure- had to use my phone to post it correctly.)
  9. Folks have asked for a "Layer Priority Feature" for quite some time. I have it working on my computer. The idea is that effects on a layer with a higher number appear in front of effects with a lower number. So it allows you to place effects in front of each other. Formerly, the effects were either mixed, or if there was a "channel collision" between two effects, the shortest command was thrown out. For backward compatibility the old "mixing" method is still supported. But it is expected that most folks will want to enable the "Layer Priority Feature." With the "Layer Priority Featur
  10. A pre-beta release of SuperStar is available. New in this release are: 1) You can now import image files such as .jpg files and .gif files and pretty much any other format of image file. 2) You can now compress effects into a group. After making a group, all the effects get represented by one "group" effect on the time layers. This frees you from the limit of 40 layers, because now you can have put groups on any of the 40 layers, and each group can contain effects in 40 layers. So this effectively gives you 40 x 40 = 1600 layers. This feature makes it much easier to create complex se
  11. How do we add our signature back with our channel count, light count etc? I did see that no ones is showing up in the forums like they were in before the upgrade or is that something that was CUT OUT by the new upgrade in the forums format? Also WHY IT TAGS NOW A REQUIREMENT to Post in the forums when it has limited choices
  12. I know its last minute.... but i have 2 songs done for my show this year... and I would really like to have more... its has almost taken me 6 weeks just to program these 2 songs.. its only my second year and I am still having trouble programming songs... if anyone here is able to help me with some programming, i would really appreciate it.. I know this is alot to ask, but if i could send you the layout of my channels, and you can program any song you have with it.. Of courseI can pay for your help through paypal or direct deposit... whatever works best for you.... from what i have heard
  13. I know its last minute.... but i have 2 songs done for my show this year... and I would really like to have more... its has almost taken me 6 weeks just to program this 2 songs.. its only my second year and I am still having trouble programming songs... if anyone here is able to help me with some programming, i would really appreciate it.. I know this songs like a lot ot ask, but if i could send you the layout channels, and maybe you can program any song you have with it.. Of course i can pay for you help through paypal or direct deposit... whatever works best for you.... from what i ha
  14. So, I have a u MP3g3 mini-director, which is great....but, I have to use either the Simple Show Builder or the HWU to write my sequences to the SD card. Both of these applications are extremely weak for building a show. Neither lets you save a show to come back and edit it later - you have to build a show from scratch each time. Also, they don't let you add the same sequence multiple times, such as a voice-over announcement. Why not let us use the Show Editor, as well, to write to the SD Card. I feel like we are being punished for purchasing this extra hardware from you to run our show.
  15. I know there are symbols available, but I think a useful enhancement in the Visualizer and Pixel Editor would be to allow the import of a graphic image and to allow for the graphic to be faded in and out based on channel intensity. So in my case I have a life size dancing santa in my display. Instead of having to draw a "light" representation of him I'd like to add a fixture that is a graphic picture of a santa and let it use that in my preview. Thanks Howard
  16. There is a new "Floating Windows" feature in SuperStar. It allows you to put the Sequencing Grid and the Visualization each in their own window. You can then move them and resize them to suit your needs. This is particularly useful when importing a visualization of a large display and the visualization gets very small. If you have two monitors, you can now move the visualization or sequencing grid over to your other monitor and that leaves lots of room for the sequencing grid or visualization in your main monitor. The feature is in the latest beta release: Released announcement here. To a
  17. Below is a demonstration that can be stepped through to illustrate the new SuperStar features in S4. In the demo it mentions "ChristmasCanon_12CCRs_archive.sup" and "ChristmasCanon.mp3". If you do not have these two files, you can use any 12 CCR sequence and any audio file of your choosing. Hope it all makes sense! I welcome feedback on things that are not clear. Demonstration of New SuperStar Features in S4 1) Support of DMX addressing and Intensity Data files Launch SuperStar Click on the File menu and select Open, open "ChristmasCanon_12CCRs_archive.sup" Click on the File Menu and
  18. This year i wanted to livestream my display on youtube so that famly members and friends could see the display form other countries, Has anyone on this forum livestreamed their display? I was thinking of using an old CCTV camera and running the wires to an easy cap (RCA to usb converter) and having that run into youtubes livestream feature.
  19. Brian, I have a wish list request. If it's not a major overhaul, would it be possible to add "Group modify" to the "Manual clip"? I know if creating a sequence, it stays where you put it until you change it. Thanks for that, by the way. I'm interested in being able to do it for a bought or shared sequence. Just a thought.
  20. The S4 update when released will introduce a new advanced rendering engine for the Visualizer. Here are some things you should be aware of when you move to S4. When Simulation mode is active, a portion of the program called 'The Renderer' is put in charge. It is the Renderer's job to take the commands coming from the sequence editor, translate and update your fixtures and props, and then display those results on your screen as a picture. The Visualizer has 2 different rendering engines that can be used depending on your computer's hardware. When possible, you should always use the 'Advanced
  21. Holy cow these are great. I now can light up the entire yard easily. http://www.thinkgeek.com/stuff/41/wec.shtml
  22. Currently (v3.12.0) to create DMX RGB pixels in the Visualizer you must create them one pixel at a time using the "Single Bulb" tool. This can be difficult if you have a large number of pixels, and since each bulb counts as a fixture in the Visualizer you are limited to 1000 pixels because the Visualizer only allows 1000 fixtures. In the next release of S3 the Visualizer will have a DMX Pixel tool that will make it easier to create DMX pixel strings and since each string counts as a fixture, your only limit will be having 1000 strings instead of 1000 pixels. Until the next release, there i
  23. I am new to this and do understand the red, green, blue color controls but what is the white control at the bottom for? I have watched many videos and have not seen it used. Can you help a newbee...... Thanks Rod
  24. our 2014 addition to our animated xmas display www.youtu.beOF2ZWDsxSxA
  25. I am a newbie to the light show arena. I will begin to invest in LOR software and hardware in 2015 but feel I will not be ready for any type of light show until Xmas 2016, as I spend quality time doing research, learning, education before I invest. It would be greatly appreciated if some of the experts here could provide any useful information as I am in the learning stage. With that said, I recently saw a light show(Fred Loya's light show) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbO1UZfxKoc . An effect was used on the fence surrounding the house, this effect used lights to display pictures, and messa
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