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Sequence folder help

Derek Venlet

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I have been pouring over the forums the last 2 days and haven't been able to find an answer. Hoping one of you has the solution.

I have a 2 part issue but am pretty sure they are related.
1.When I open the LOR Sequence Editor (v.3.10.6Standard) a pop-up says: Cannot Change Folder as the title; Cannot find file or folder: \Sequences\ as the message.
I click ok and am able to see my sequences in both the existing sequence tab AND the Recent Sequence tab.
2.When I set up a Simple Show Builder show and then Enable it, it reads: ERROR WITH SEQUENCE (Cannot open file \Sequences\Sequences\Linus.lms) Musical \Sequences\Linus.lms


Again, any help would be super appreciated as the wife really wants to see the labor of all our time setting up and money. :-)


Thanks so much!


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It might be two issues, might not.


I would start with resetting your LOR data directory as it sounds as if something has changed, somewhere. To do this, look for "LORPost.exe" (or "LORPost") file in the (usually) C:\Program Files (x86)\Light-O-Rama or C:\Program Files\Light-O-Rama directory, depending on your computer. When you run that file, it will ask you a question. Make sure you pay close attention to what directory you pick.


Now that the data directory is reset, open one of the sequences with the sequence editor. Click "Edit -> Media" to make sure the media file is properly associated with the sequence.


Do note that the Simple Show Builder (SSB) can only see sequences in your "Sequences" directory in the LOR data directory. If you want to put sequences elsewhere, you will need to use the Show Builder to create the shows, and Schedule Editor to schedule them.

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