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Power supply for DMX controllers


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I'm just curious if someone could give me some basic instructions on using this power supply on this DMX controller. I know where the power goes into the controller and how it works, what I don't know is what type of power cord do I need for the power supply and what voltage should I set the unit to (it has a switch for 115 or 230). I'm using it to power my countdown timer that I made. I thought it would be nice to display the amount of time before the next show, and it also comes in handy on my 12 Days Of Christmas sequence. Any help on hooking this thing up would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


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I use both items . I installed the power supply and board in a waterproof box hooked the. - from one if the -s on the PS to the - on the board. Did same with the +s. I then ra n my data lines and soildered to the pads next to the "A: onthe board. Connect your strings to the screw terminals and your set to ho...

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