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Musical Sequence Overlap Start times


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Hey quick question, I several 30 min (or nearly 30 min) sequences scheduled to run in the show scheduler with a different show starting every 30 mins.  If one of my shows is 30 mins 10 seconds and the shows are set to start every 30 mins will the scheduler stop the first show excatly at the scheduled start time of the next show or will the 1st show finish running before the 2nd show starts.(ie 10 seconds after the 2nd scheduled start time)?


Probably a bone head question but I'm down to crunch time and my work scheduled is cutting into my light show hobby time so I don't have time to test.


Thanks for your help!!

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If a musical sequence is running at the end of a scheduled show, Light-O-Rama will continue to play that sequence until its conclusion.


If an animation sequence is running, then it will stop the sequence right there, and move on to the next event. 


Note: If you have items in your Shutdown tab, those will run before the next show starts.

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