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Is there anyway to have a virtual trigger via a script in LOR?  I am trying to make the show immediately starts when an email arrives with certain words in the subject.  I currently have Outlook setup with rules that can identify the correct trigger email which can then fire off a script.  I would like this script to behave as if I have pushed a button setup on LOR trigger pins.  I have seen where people have used scripts to overwright a schedule file and then use the command prompt in each sequence to "reset" the show schedule file back.  However, by doing it this way, the currently playing sequence has to end before the new one starts.  I want the currently playing sequence to immediately stop and then have the new sequence start playing.


Does this make sense?  Any ideas?



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Maybe in addition to having your script overwrite the schedule file, also have it kill and then restart the LORTray process? "LORTray" is the name of the executable that is commonly referred to as the "LOR Control Panel".


So, I'm no batch file scripting guru, but the general idea is:


(1) Identify the LORTray process, if any


(2) Kill the LORTray process, if any


(3) Wait for the LORTray process to die, if any


(4) Overwrite the schedule file


(5) Start up the LORTray process

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