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3.10.14 relesed to beta


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3.10.14 has been released to beta. Announcement here:


The SuperStar bug fixes in this release are:

CCRs laid end to end horizontally did not import properly. (used most often for dmx strings)

Fixed a bug where the program could crash if an effect on the smallest star was first.

When modifying a text mask it would always display an error because it was checking against itself.

Fixed a bug where visualizations with draw objects that have the same unit id would display the square in the sequencing grid as disabled, yet it would still be usable by the user but instant sequence would not properly define effects to the row.

Fixed a bug where Props forming a matrix sometimes were not getting sorted properly. Result was that dmx strings did not import in proper order.

Corrected the 'A' in 8-8x8_Thin_Vertical.system.font

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