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40 CCR License Level is now available

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For those that actually have more channels and pixels than the 24 CCR SuperStar license can handle, there is now a 40 CCR License Level available for SuperStar.

From the Light-O-Rama main page click on "Sequences"

Then click on "SuperStar Add-On"

Scroll down and click on "Buy it Now"

Then click on one of the two buttons at the bottom. One button is for new license purchase, the other is for upgrading to a higher license level.

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This is GREAT news and priced right!


I'm going to test your DMX keyword this weekend as I still have some of my equipment set up for testing.  I'll let you know how it works out.



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Now that the 40 CCR version is out, which is great by the way but too late for me this year, I think I remember you posting that a higher version may be coming next year. Is this still going to happen and what will be the amount of CCR it will include?

This year, to get around the limitations, I sequenced to about 4-5 different visualizations. I have a little over 5000 channels for this year. Next year however, I will be adding ~10 universes. I will be almost, if not doubling what I have this year. A 40 CCR version will just barely cover what I have this year, but nowhere near what I'll have in 2014. Even a 150 CCR version would just barely cover what some folks have this year. I know one person in particular who has ~20K channels for 2013. The new VisEffect is almost useless with that many channels. I could only get it on a couple elements at a time which negates the reason it was created, to make a color change flow across the entire display.


Of course, with the fixture limitation in the Visualizer, we're still going to be banging up against a brick wall.


As always though, thanks for Superstar and your hard work. It's been a pleasure working with you this year and sorting out the bugs we found. Looking forward to next year.




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The next license level is 80 CCRs. The next license levels after that are 160 and 320. I have tested the code and it exports those higher levels fine, the problem is that I can't fit everything on the screen. So to support the levels beyond 80 CCRs I think I will have to support separate screens for things, not sure exactly what I'm going to do at this point.

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OK Brian,


I just upgraded to the 40 CCR License for next year. Do you have an approximate date on the higher license levels, the 80, 160, and 320?


Since at the moment, the visualizer is still limited to 1024 fixtures, I'll be using the DMX keywords this next year. I may have to shrink things down a bit, but I think I can fit all on my viz file and in turn on the Superstar editor.


Thanks for all of your help this passed year.



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