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Drawing CCP's in Visualizer


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I'm having trouble drawing a CCP in Visualizer and getting the channel configuration right. When I draw a 50 pixel RGB device, designate it as, say channel 7, starting at pixel 1, how do I then draw the other half on channel 7 starting at pixel 161, since a CCP has 2 strings of 157 rows in the sequence editor?

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First, draw the 2 separate CCRs and of course, 2 separate ID's (ex. Unit ID 01, Network: Regular, Unit ID 02, Network: Regular). In the sequence editor you will insert the cosmic color device as "CCB with 2 strings" --> Select the First ID (Unit ID 01, Network: Regular) created when you set it up in the Sequence Editor, under the heading "Unit ID for CCB String 2", select "String 2 has own Unit ID (native mode Unit ID + 1)" You should have 2 strings in your sequence editor Both will have the ID of Unit ID 01, but when you expand it it will say string 1 and string 2. Upon expanding string 2, left click on the first channel for string 2 and it should say "LOR-->Regular-->02-->1, 2, 3.


Hope this helps.


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