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CCR's moving in sync...and shouldn't


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Hi All

I am running 2 CCR's one on channel 5 and one on channel 6.

I have created the sequences in superstar and then exports and copied into the main sequence editor.

Everything looks great when I run a demo with the visualizer, but then things fall apart.

When I run the show on the actual hardware the 2 CCR's run the same sequence when they should be doing slightly different sequences.

Any ideas on what might be going on?


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Just a shot in the dark to try these:

1. Double Check in the hardware utility that you have in fact re-addressed the two boxes as units 5 and 6

2. Make sure that something in the translation to the sequence editor didn't change the units back to a common number - verify the unit assignments in the sequence editor.

3. Make sure in the hardware utility that they are in Normal Mode and not Legacy.

That's all I can offer from challenges I have had in the past....

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