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Hello all,

I'm thinking about dipping my toes into the "insanely complex Christmas light display" pool.. As if I don't have enough other stuff to make people think I'm insane already... :)

I'm specifically interested in the DMX capabilities of the LOR hardware; since I'm something of a theater lighting nerd already.

Is there anyone in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area (I live in Tucker); who has a system set up, who's using at least a reasonable amount of DMX and would be willing to give me a little show and tell? Since this is the time of year when people may be just setting up their displays for the 2012 Christmas season; I'll gladly chip in a few hours of manual labor ("put this over there", "untangle these strings of lights", etc.) in return for a little hands-on learning.



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I'm in Decatur, on Oak Grove Drive off of LaVista Rd. I don't have any dmx but I'd be glad to help with and other questions you might have.

Visit www.christmasinthegrove.net

I'll pm with my email and phone #


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