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Recovering an SUP file from the LMS export

Paul Wood

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Has anyone ever lost an SUP file that was needing to be edited? I have the LMS exported version of the routine I drafted, but it is not complete and the SUP was accidentally overwritten. I know I could try to do the edits to the LMS in the LOR Sequencer, but it would be much easier in Superstar if I can "import" the LMS back into it.

Any suggestions for working though this problem either in Superstar or LOR Sequencer would be welcome. Thanks.

Joanna Wood (the software half of edge-wood-lights.com)

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It would be a desirable feature to be able to convert and LMS back to an SUP file, but currently SuperStar cannot do that. I hope to put that in next year. It would be very useful, not just for "restoring" a file as you mention, but it would allow people to import a visualization and then convert their existing sequences into SUP files for that imported visualization.

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Thanks, Brian. I thought as much, but it will be nice to have in the future. I hope it works out in development stage. I'll be looking for it.

So my only option is to finish sequencing it in the Sequence Editor as an LMS file - it should be fun. ;) Luckily it was almost done.

And thanks for the quick feedback.


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Hey Brian,

It would be great to have that feature. I have tons of sequences I've already done in the SE that I would like to export into a SUP to use to help sequence the SS files. I know I can import 3 channels now, but that's not quite enough.

I look forward to that feature next year.


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