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upgrading error from 3.7 to 3.8


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Try downloading it again. Most times when this error pops up it means the software didn't get fully or correctly downloaded to your computer.

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Guest wbottomley

yea it keeps stopping before it completes the download ive tried it 7 or 8 times already

That's either an internet or pc problem. I didn't have any trouble downloading it.

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it did it fine on my home computer but my laptop is having trouble on the same wireless internet and the home computer is shut off grrrr.

am i missing something special with this upgrade i have no rgb's

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seems like there is a serious problem with this release. I too have tried 7 or 8 times to download the file and it stops before it is complete. Was the software even tested or is it corrupt.

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I would disagree that there is a problem with the release. I've downloaded it, and installed on a few machines. Just finished downloading it, again, from the LOR website.

As an alternate location, you can download from here.

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I just found the problem. If you are running Norton 360 or other computer protection> I just had a popup from my Norton advising of a mass injection web attack and in the description it says lightorama .com/support matches the signatiure of a known attack. It shows it as a High Alert.I think before I tuen off Norton to download this file Lightorama should run a scan on their software and server.

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Errors in downloading would have nothing to do with errors in the software.

The error that Norton is reporting is either OLD (from before summer), or a false positive. The server has been clean for quite some time.

I just checked and there is NOTHING amiss->

Analysis report for http://lightorama.com/support

Sample Overview

URL http://lightorama.com/support

Domain lightorama.com

Analysis Started 2012-10-15 15:26:42

Report Generated 2012-10-15 15:26:46

Jsand version 2.3.5

See the report for domain lightorama.com.

Detection results

Detector Result

Jsand 2.3.5 benign


No exploits were identified.

This is a summary of what was observed on lightorama.com.

Analysis Information

Malicious and Suspicious URLs

No malicious or suspicious URLs were found on this domain.

Exploits Detected

No exploits detected.

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