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As has previously been noted, the new forums software has a lot of new features. Tonight, another of these new features makes its appearance on the forums.

Notice the "New Feature" tag there in the topic? IP.Board (the name of the forum software) calls this feature 'Tags' and it allows for content to be searched by tags. Over the next few weeks you'll start to see these tags pop up in the forums. Having trouble with hardware? Do a search on the Hardware tag.

How? Well, we're working on that. In the short term anytime you see a tag simply click on it, and you'll be taken to a search for all posts with that tag. As for the future? Well, the admin is still learning about them, so it may be a few days (weeks, months, years, etc.) before they are fully implemented.

One note: The tagging of a post/thread is currently limited to the Admin group. Why? It would be a disservice to all if people started mistakenly tagging a software issue with the 'Hardware' tab. If you see a post that you think has to be tagged 'right now' then please send me a PM (LORAdmin) with a link to the thread, and what you recommend the tag be.

Currently the proposed tags are:

  • Software
  • Sequence Editor
  • Visualizer
  • Superstar
  • Hardware
  • Troubleshooting
  • DIY

I'm sure more will be added as time goes forward. If you have a suggestion, please send them to me.

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Going back and adding the tags after a post is made requires moderator type privileges. For those posts that are already made, I won't turn down any help from someone who wishes to go through old posts and point out something that should have a tag.

Going forward, however, it will be possible to set tags on posts. In order to reduce the stress on everyone it is limited to pre-defined tags only. We can add more tags to the list if we need to. The tagging ability *should* be turned on for everyone right now. If you go to create a new post and you don't see it there, please let me know.

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