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help my bord is fyed


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hi i made a bord and plugged it in to the wall, and then to the computer. un luckaly, noting happend. when i tested it all i got was a err, and the black thing in the middle got realy hot. plese help me:(:):(:)

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What model controller?

Have you stepped thru the construction steps on by one to make sure all parts are in the right place?

Not sure your soldering skill level, but need to take a good look, under a magnifier for shorts/bridges, etc.

Did the LED blink, then go solid red once HU was opened, or not at all?

Please provide a little more info that what you have, with some detail, and we may be able to help you.

First suggestion, before anyone tries to help you is to go thru the unit step by step and make sure you didn't create your problem (because, you likely did..:)).

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We need clearer pictures, but I would look at the triacs, some don't look soldered, some may be shorted, that would let out the magic smoke. Post clearer pic's please.

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Do you know someone who is skilled with a soldering iron? If this was your first attempt at soldering, and I say this not intending to be derogatory, but just being honest, you may make more of a mess of the board trying to clean it up. You need someone to help you clean it up, and maybe give you some good training on soldering,a dn de-soldering. It takes some practice...

It looks like you gobbed a lot of solder onto the board, applied it to the iron rather than the joint you are trying to solder, rather than using more heat and less solder. Its almost a sure thing you have multiple solder bridges on the board.

Worst case, LOR will repair the board, and unless it is a total loss, at minimal if any cost. However, if you need the board for Christmas, thats likely not a workable option.

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