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  1. I believe the term is indexing device or method.
  2. Old Sarge, you noticed that he said that he is dusting it off. George I assume you have not used it in your show for the past year or more?
  3. No! He said that he was "Stalking". I knew we had some strange birds on here. LOL
  4. Yes it does! fixing one of my props right now. Should be good to go tomorrow.
  5. Here is some info to go along with what Jim was telling you about. Check out http://www.amateurradiosupplies.com/ Check out Egg insulators and Dracon Antenna Rope. Actually on left side under Antenna Rope. And per what Jim was saying, do not use the dogbone type cause if it breaks, the wire will not be contained and that will cause more problems. I do disagree with Jim about concrete conducting. There is always enough moisture in concrete in an outdoor installation to conduct small amounts of current. Enough to cause a GFI to trip. I agree that there is enough induced current from the li
  6. I really dont think you can do this without adding more channels. But I could be wrong. My tree is 17' tall. Last year I had 12 100 ct strings from CDI. Times 3, 12 strings Red, 12 strings Green, and 12 strings White. With 3 controllers mounted on the pipe. That leaves 12 channels left over for things like 3 channels for a 3D start. 3 more for strobes. I like to stagger the starting of the strobes to help with randomizing. I have a 3', 4', & 6' spiral tree. Snoopy and nativity one two more channels. So I am down to one spare channel. And frankly I would love to add a 4th controller for
  7. Dito what ^^^ he said. Hit the old nail on the head. I to would like to hear what brand and model you have.
  8. Lights washed away Or Lights under water Think St. Louis, MO
  9. <Curly voice> A wise guy hey! whoop, whoop, whoop </Curly voice>
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