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Shared Visualizer Props and Fixtures

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The new S3 Visualizer makes it easy to share fixtures and props with your fellow users.

Just like sharing a sequence, you can share your Visualizer creations. Please feel free to post your .lpf and .lff files to this board. If you send me a PM after posting it, I'll be sure it gets attached to this sticky! Instructions are below

Please be sure to send a thank you if you use any of these. Many of the props and fixtures attached here that were created by the beta testers, and we appreciate them!


I click an attachment and I get a bunch of code, but no file...

If you click on an attachment here and get a bunch of gobbly-goop, you'll need to take an extra step. Go back to the message that has the attachment you want. Now, instead of clicking on the attachment, RIGHT click on it. In the menu that pops up select something like 'Save Link As', or 'Save Target As'. Then your browser will download the attachment rather than try to display it.


Files are download as XML and Visualizer can't see them?

Internet Explorer likes to think that it knows more than you, and is trying to 'help'. If the files are trying to save as .XML rather than .LPF or .LFF, then do this:

  1. Right click the attachment here, and select 'Save target as'
  2. In the box that shows up, change 'Save as type' from 'XML Document' to 'All Files'
  3. In the file name box, change the .XML to .LPF or .LFF to match what you right clicked on.


What's a ZIP file? The Visualizer won't see them...

ZIP files are compressed and contain 1 or more files inside of them. They need to be 'UnZipped' before they will work.

  1. Download the file as normal
  2. Using Windows, browse to the file (easier: In Chrome go to 'Downloads' (Ctrl J) and then click on the 'Show in folder' link. In IE, click the 'Open Folder' button after the download completes)
  3. Right click the file and select 'Extract All'
  4. Follow the prompts.


I want to post my creation, but this thread is locked. How do I share?

You can not directly create a message in this thread. So here is how to get a fixture/prop into this sticky:

  1. Create the fixture/prop and export it from the visualizer.
  2. Post a new thread on this board and attach the fixture/prop.
  3. Send me a PM to let me know you posted a new fixture/prop. I'll then merge your post with the prop/fixture into this sticky.

That way your name stays on the file, you get the credit you deserve, and I can keep the thread clean.


I'm out of attachment space. What can I do?

Due to space constraints, you account may be limited to only 500K worth of attachments. If you prefer, I can move your attachment out of your attachment space to save you room. Simply send me a private message and I will move it. This means a little extra work for us, but we would rather have your creations and give you some elbow room than not!

If you are trying to upload something new and don't have the room, just get a hold of me via a Private Message. I can accept files in eMail, from Drop Box accounts, whatever is easier for you.

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