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How to mimic ccp 50x2 in visualizer


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1 hour ago, GriswoldStyle said:

Thanks man. It finally let me like a comment today LOL.

I think everyone is limited to five "likes" a day.

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This is the post I was referring to @dibblejr even though the CCD has 100 pixels visualizer only supports 50. Still trying to find a work around in S4 so I can see all 100 pixels.

I think I jumped the gun when I saw the other post and was just venting LOL my apologies

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On 7/30/2018 at 12:38 PM, GriswoldStyle said:

So I was reading posts last night going through the forum search history trying to figure out how to have 100 pixels in S4 visualizer.

Apparently from what I read it will only show 50. Not the version ccp with two strands of 50. I did see something about a fake out regarding the visualizer but cannot seem to locate it this morning when I search the forums again.

is there a way to have the two 50 count arches drawn into S4 visualizer using a trick method? Now keep in mind I don't want to use Superstar as my programming sequencing. But is there possibly a way to export a visualization file that will save that layout so I can view it in visualizer?

sort of like how I can save my channel configuration or visualizer file then automatically open that each time, is there a way to add in two 50 count pixel strips that I am not understanding or is this something I am pretty much just stuck was only being able to see 50 on the visualizer screen? I think I have the programming aspect down for pixels which kind of shocked me how quickly I picked up on it yesterday, but I would really like to be able to see both pixel arches on the screen in visualization mode. these both are using the same unit ID but it won't only give me the option to add up to 50 not the 100 between both sets.

Did you ever solve this problem Im running into this now?

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