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  1. My friend Jim above hit the nail on the head. I started migration in January 2020. My S4 vis has always been clean but I knew I would be removing all non pixel props so I removed most all LED props. Imported the Vis and it was horrible. I then quit S5 for a few weeks and tried again. Same results and same reaction from me. Then some of my friends took me under their wings and helped me build my preview. From that experience I learned a lot about S5 and had a successful Covid show for 5 months. You will learn more doing the new build in S5. Gra
  2. Hopefully permission to do this is given by the sequencer. Just not cool to share paid or even shared work without permission. Just saying JR
  3. What type of prop are we talking? If you purchase a sequence normally those channels are DMX or have a unit ID assigned. Your preview will not recognize them and will archive them. You still have the sequence though. Uou need to build/ download the prop into your preview using the prop def. Then append the prop to your grid view. Add the individual channels. Sort the channels for your purpose Then copy/ paste the doner sequence to your sequence. I do this everyday, I always have my S4 sequence archived, I never save the sequence as an LORedit.
  4. That is far to many pixels on a network! Period, no matter what yoi read. You are seeing lag from data overload. You do not mention “enhanced” in your replies. The network MUST BE ENHANCED I think you have asked this before and I answered. With all of my pixies I have never used 1000k. In NP it still says “1000k reserved for Pixcon16 only” Also which adapters are you using? If black thats another problem, you need red. You can also purchase a pixielink and run the pixie controllers through e1.31 The manual is in Light O Rama Documentations f you wo
  5. For some reason ( i guess because you said vis and I was on my phone) I didnt see that you are on S5. S5 is much easier for you to learn than the s4 vis. Most props are already built in to the "preview" , its what it is called in S5. Not much I can do for you on that. When I first started there is a good step by step in the "help" menu at the top of S5.
  6. If you need help creating a vis feel free to ask me. I build a lot every year for people. I will need some info but we can cover that in a PM JR
  7. dibblejr

    What next?

    Right here, at the "user level" is the best place. There are 1000's of threads but you can also ask away. The absolute best way is to jump in and get hands on. Network Speeds - Light-O-Rama JR
  8. dibblejr

    What next?

    Disregard all of that, forgot you are the OP. JR
  9. Note- I have never had PI, not needed at 156 pixels for me however if I ever needed it I can get it from that same PSU. It does not take a lot if ever needed.
  10. dibblejr

    What next?

    The manuals used to say "required, just like the red adapters". During testing someone must have figured out that they could run off non enhanced just like I figured out for "setup and configuration" the black adapters will work. However for shows the red adapter is normally a requirement. I have always had pro and have set "enhanced in NP" since beta. I never tested without enhanced but will say others that I have assisted through the forums, text, phone call, PM's that failed to select enhanced did not have a show until I told them how to set it at enhanced. JR
  11. dibblejr

    What next?

    Not the 2D or 8 - they can be used with LOR regular network. LOR has changed the wording in the manual since the v1 to state "recommended, not required". I will say that my 4/8 and 16's do not work without enhanced. Has been like that since beta. All of my controllers have always been on enhanced so Im not sure about the 2's and non enhanced networks. Your profile says you have Pro though JR
  12. dibblejr

    What next?

    Pixie controllers Require Pro License. JR
  13. They may not "evict" or they could "evict" based on rule violations. However an easier avenue for them is to fine you for rule violations and place the unknow lien on your place. You may not ever know until you try to move or sell. Is it nice "no" but it is the rules. Remember the guy with the American flag quite a few years ago. In the end it didn't go well for him. Every situation is different and in this case its easier to ask permission or address it at a HOA meeting than it is to ask for forgiveness esp when they have served you a written notice. Maybe get support in writing an
  14. dibblejr

    What next?

    I recommend the kit since this will be your first RGB prop. LOR tree kit , the kit controller is already mounted in the enclosure. They do have the 16' kit as well, if the 360 deg up and over kit is not tall enough for you. Also the 360 tree adds a little more sequencing complexity if you ever want to add images or texts to the tree. If ordering any pixie based controller do not forget to order the "RED" RS485HS adapter. JR
  15. If you are building a pixie16 and "want" to have two psu's (all of mine do) you will want the HC 2500 box and the generic mounting plate. If you need further build details feel free to PM me. I have a string there and will add you to the list. I would not build a pixie8 with less than 500w. That is my pref and the cost from 350 to 500w is negligible. JR
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