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  1. That’s both of us. Google drive thought I spoke spanish and the only way I solved that problem was to delete Google one drive or whatever it was. Drive me cryazy. Paul, Ray and Tom are all linked together. LOL I received an email a year ago from all three of them at once. JR
  2. I agree that is a really gooD price and Would get someone a great start. I Purchased an entire show including laptop in 2006. The only prop I still have left is the one singing tree LOL but it got me a start. OP- you should try tI post this on Some of the FB groups. Best of luck. JR
  3. LOL, thank you for the compliment. I hope everyone learned a little about how to sequence faces. If you rate the class yoi may want to ask for additional time to be added. LOL JR
  4. The good thing is you have the forums to let you know and do not need an email link. Best of luck if you need to purchase. I always look forward to seeing Bobs sales stats. JR
  5. Like Jim I run 13 cables through my garage wall but I have 1 large hole. This year I will either make the hole larger, add a 2nd hole or cut some of the ends off to pull cables in and out. They ho through the wall and I have a junction box on the outside and run the cables down a small section of pvc from the box. JR
  6. Yep and didn’t need a platinum membership or any of the FB troll malarkey to get in on it. Luckily I don’t need anything this year. Best of luck to all that do. JR
  7. The G4 can get 3 High Speed networks Also the pixielink can be used for AC networks as well so if the G4 can’t achieve the goals of the OP maybe a combination will. At this point until someone attempts this or the HD chimes in, it’s all speculation. I have never had to use a 1000 speed network as the NP still says “for Pixcon16 only” However the pixielink does have the capability of 6 HS networks. JR
  8. I’m not sure you need 2 SD cards since “network 1 is to keep the directors in sync” IMO JR
  9. I know I am late but in case anyone searches and see this, I have covered how to set up 170 nodes for a pixie16 in S4 many times. I believe the latest version of S4 also allows it. In older versions yoi simply have to set the pixie16 as a pixcon16 giving the device (pixcon16) the same starting unit ID that you set for the pixie. All S4 cares about is the unit ID. You will enjoy S5 though. JR
  10. Max for a pixie 16 is 170 nodes However the max for the S4 Vis is 50 nodes. You could also design it in the S4 animation and get all 100 But yes - S5 is leaps and bounds over S4 with the preview and other features Best of luck JR
  11. IF you do not wish to take my two friends above advice shoot me a PM and I will design what you need and teach you how. Note it’s a pretty busy week for me and I have presentations to present this weekend but I am More than willing to help. I can’t see it on my cell but you will need a pro license. I do not a little confusion 15 strings of 100 RGB lights would not IMO be a mini tomato cage tree. May be some terminology issues here. Also max number of RGB pixels for the Vis is 50. JR
  12. Same to you and I se one the Amen! 🙏
  13. Shine a spotlight on the sensor, "the wind must have moved it, sorry" JR
  14. Not sure, I’ve never used it but it’s pretty easy the above way. Bob in 4-3-2- JR
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