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  1. My wife found the one I rented yesterday. well two days ago now. Gouging, had to rent for a week but with her working at the hospital and my medical stuff I had to get one so she could take care of her personal hygiene and not risk us getting sick. Christmas isnt over yet my friend. People kept telling me that about Halloween and I am the kind that do not like to show my grief but it was looking very bad. Parts of my matrix was bent that I could barely bend in a vise let alone the wind. I have some pretty cool videos I will be posting. I dont have the video of the matrix slamming around
  2. I had just finished talking to a great guy from here on the phone and my youngest said "tada, daddy I turned on the lights". He had went to the bathroom and flipped the switch and the lights came on. I'm letting him bask in his glory. After the storm tore through I had straightened them out the best I could where they were at. Al frame matrix, pvc and coro monster trees, the enclosure to the matrix which has a pixie16 and pixie8 inside was full of water yesterday when I flipped it back over and started straightening everything out. Water got in to the two vents. I fired everything up
  3. I’m just seeing this. Anyone above I just got my power restored and have some event called Halloween that takes precedence. I have repairs to make after the storm and asses my repairs and test. Sunday I will try to send them out. One note- you will have to re place the nodes. I pixel pack Iy is easy to make your own in the prop def but if you still want them I will send them out. Just let me know. JR
  4. You have to do a search and reply within the individual threads. Sorry far to many people have abused our sequences. We don’t monitor other requests. Look for my faces or James sequences which include my faces. You will have to specify LMS only since you don’t have pixels.if you have a pro license that last statement doesn’t matter. The statement you posted about sharing will copy paste perfectly. JR
  5. I know I did the faces two did versions at least. He’s pretty busy and probably forgot. For me I’m on my cell until power is restored I can’t share anything. JR
  6. My friend - even if Halloween is cancelled the light shows should go on. Alabama doesn’t cancel anything for Covid but Mother Nature and Alabama Power did. I will be passing out goodie bags from my golf cart. It will have my speaker light show and yellow strobe on the back. LOL JR
  7. This is part of the problem. If someone shares a sequence with you, you should at least give them the respect to not share with others without their permission. This is why James and I do not share our new work and are contemplating not sharing anything again. We try to help people out but people like you make not worth it, comes off as .... you fill in your blank. If you think it’s touchy you probably do not sequence anything yourself, spending hours doing so. Then it starts getting sold or others take the credit for your work. Jame Morris , here’s one to add. JR
  8. Y’all need to search. James and I have done that one. Reply within the thread. JR
  9. You know I will live a copy. My show was destroyed by the hurricane yesterday 110 mph gusts and we have no power or any comforts so I know it won’t air until New Years. This May be the only song needed for New Years LOL I can’t get to My messages on my cell but you have my info. Thank you my friend JR
  10. Yes- it has to be the “red” row though. Red is in every color that is why you must select the red row JR
  11. You don’t say which talking trees LOR RGB or the typical LED Faces Also in the sequence sharing section I have about 300-400 shared. If looking James Morris has all of my faces in his packages. However to receive a sequence from us you must reply in our threads and include the statement that you can find with the sequence. I can’t speak for anyone else but that is the way that James and I have it set up. JR
  12. This we know- but it was playing during a show that had not changed when it stopped playing. This particular song still will not play the matrix even after it was rebuilt. When I get power and all of the life stuff back the video will be posted. The preview should not even play if an error is noted yet it plays. But these issues are seperate from one another. JR
  13. Two things you need to do to use 100 + pixels Go to the HU ccr/pixie config tab setbthem at 100 add the controller to your sequence (S4) Prop def in S5 and select 100 pixels per port I don’t understand the “wish I could use 100 pixels” comment. JR
  14. Ok, I will let James know tomorrow. Still no power prediction could be several days so Halloween will be a bust of epic proportions JR
  15. Colton- is this in your list? The storm wiped us out last night, no computers, no power, limited cell. If it’s not on your list send me an email to add it. JR
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