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  1. When my preview disappeared the easy fix for me was to open a sequence that worked. I let S5 assign a preview from the data within that sequence. Aftet I verified that it was exactly as I needed it I exported that preview with the same name as the one that was gone. Worked great. I only had 4 sequences ready for Halloween so it was no big deal but it worked. JR
  2. You can cut them out and replace them easily. Even if the colors are not exact (possible) they dont have to be the same. Better to have a like color there than dead pixels. If you dont have any I can send you some spares and some pre soldered connectors. Send me a text since there is no telling when I get on the forums any more. Internet is killing me. You have my # If they are not that old most vendors have good return policies, before cutting check with them. JR
  3. Still setting up my Halloween show. Last night during testing I noted one of my 8 circles was doing the opposite of the other 7. Finally a little while ago I had a chance to poke around in my preview and sequence looking for a clue. Five seasons now for the 8 circles without any problem. I found it in prop def where it was set for ccw start right side. Changed it and wont know if it works until tomorrow. (today) The preview has not been a good indicator of the problem since in the preview it shows them working as sequenced. I mad some other subtle changes to the seque
  4. There are a lot of variables. I have them as well. The show can run perfect in sequencer and fail miserably if there are problems with controllers, connections, wire, interference of many types and the good old "human error" of which I suffered today. I am seeing though that all things in the preview are not showing on the props as designed. For instance - I have 8 huge circles. I have had the 8 circles for 5 seasons without failure. Yesterday while testing them I have 1 of the 8 doing things the opposite of the others. All sequenced by hand. However the preview shows them running pe
  5. No, if it is a pixie controller it must run 500k enhanced. With red adapter. JR
  6. You probably hit the panic button in HU at some point “auto configure” You need to go to your device manager USB ports and see what they are showing for your ports If they are not correct you can right click on them and go advance/ properties and change the port # Caution this can get confusing. Ive had to help 4 people in a couple of weeks that did that or similar. JR
  7. Is the comm listener open? HU shut down? Control lights- On? One if those may help you out. JR
  8. The only time I have ever seen this is when someone tried to use a notebook or whatever they are and not a laptop. Sorry I am not a person in to scrip coding or logic. You may want to submit a HD ticket and please be patient this is a very busy time of year for LOR staff. Since you have it running on the desktop makes me think it may be the age of the laptop to something. Best of luck and happy my write up helped you originally set it up. JR
  9. No, you can use in S4 or S5. I can help you if you need it. Send me a pm and we can exchange numbers. That is fact. JR
  10. Open the preview and click on a prop. If you are talking about the custom faces you should have added the controllers/ unit IDs to the prop definition on the right side. You can still do it there. JR
  11. You need to change the comm ports on your computer to match what HU is looking for, for those adapters just like we did last week. The ports will have to match exactly and the adapters need to be assigned to the same ports. I talked to so many people since then I couldn't remember I assisted you with all of that. LOL JR
  12. I would think importing your lorchan file (gridview) and preview should solve that. I will be doing the same thing as soon as my show is running. I cant update my S4 laptop so my show/ sequencing S5 laptop will run the show and desktop will be used to sequence in S5 JR
  13. Its Halloween.... Its covid....Its getting busy.... Its late nights JR
  14. I made you a video late last night and before i could send it our internet crashed. I am going to PM you now. JR
  15. Make the face one prop out of ME rows, the outline one prop and eyes. You may not need three but the face should be one prop. I have 12 singers for HAlloween, I had to do that for all of those. But I have a lot of nodes I believe 412 is my smallest singing node count and 565 is my largest. One thing I forgot ta add from your original post. All visible lights in the LOR singers should light. The extras are hanging around behind the prop. Of course in order to use them you will need to put them somewhere visible and you will have to readdress any rows they belong to. It will be mu
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