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I purchased a pixel matrix screen from HolidayCoro with 600 pixels. I intend to use it with Superstar. It has the PixLite 4 DMX board. My questioning is on these lines: I'm watching the LOR video on "Exporting your Superstar sequence to the main sequence." As I'm following the instructor, I'm going with copy and paste, but I'm creating a new "ADD DEVICE" section. The box opens up directing me to select "Universe 1." Ok, I'm good so far. Next is the # of channels. With 600 pixels on this matrix screen and 4 ports on the board, how many channels do I need, 4? Or is it 4 outlets x 3 (red, green and blue) totalling 12 channels? Or is it more? I'm licensed for 24 CCR's but I'm not going with LOR's CCR's but the above named matrix screen. I'm rather confused as to how to proceed. Let's say that I have the sequence in Editor made up and the sequence In Superstar made up to go along with it. I can only follow the procedure so far with the video as he doesn't advise on DMX. So, I need help. The person at Holidaycoro couldn't help me but he assured me that this is fully compatible with LOR, but he personally doesn't use his products with LOR. Perhaps a Youtube video to instruct me will do. Thanks Y'all! 

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It's 3 channels per pixel ( 1 red, 1 green, 1 blue ). So 600 pixels is 1800 channels. Each DMX universe can have 510 channels when using pixels. Channels 511 & 512 aren't used because a pixel cannot have their channels span universes. 1800 channels uses around 3 & a half universes.


If it was me I would assign each output on the pixLite to a different universe. 150 pixels per output. You will probably need power injection with this many pixels per output.

Output 1 - universe 1 - start channel 1 , end channel 450

Output 2 - universe 2 - start channel 1 , end channel 450

Output 3 - universe 3 - start channel 1 , end channel 450

Output 4 - universe 4 - start channel 1 , end channel 450


You will waste a few channels this way but it keeps the addressing easy

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A lot more than 12...


There will be 1800 channels of lights in total.

The way above is simplest.


Don't get pixel number and channel number confused. Each pixel has 3 channels (Reg, green, and blue) and each DMX universe can hold 512 channels, but we only use 510. Because each pixel has three channels, this means that we can fit 170 pixels into a universe. 


Your matrix will have 4 universes, which is good because you can have one universe per output of your Pixlite 4.


Also, have you connected your Pixlite 4 to your PC yet?

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