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S3 3.12.0 Windows 8 Skew issues


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Long story short, I spent 2 hours trying to figure out what was going wrong when I attempted to skew a track, and then one time, it worked, so I just saved.


(we have S3 advanced)


I tried everything. Here's the back story - other person using 3.12.0 software creates an LMS.

We get it but then need to "pad" the beginning for some live narration as part of our show. Here's what I did:


Copied his sequence, renamed the file, opened the file (to preserve his original)

1. Extend total time to +40 seconds

2. Edit media file, select new edited media file which we created with the extra 40 seconds at the beginning.

3. At this point, the sequence just needed to be skewed - something we've done several times in the past with much success.

So, I skewed later to a value of 37.15 seconds.

Then we preview the file in the visualizer, and none of the effects were really all that correct. They were either gone, or shifted. Now, our sequences use multiple timing grids and tracks...but then again, we've had this same setup in the past.


Has anyone else experienced problems with the skew track? I compared each file (original with the new edited) and never could really figure out what was wrong. One time I repeated the process, and it just worked.


We then experienced this on another sequence. However, we were between shows, so we used another computer with LOR out of desparation. This one had the same version of S3 software but was a Windows 7 machine. And it worked just fine.


I'm not sure exactly if it was a strange coincidence or what, but I'm just trying to see if we can figure this out for the future. We have to put together our automated/recorded (versus our live musician show) shows and I know I'm going to have to be doing some skewing.


For our live show weekend we've backed our software back to 3.11.2.


Sorry for the lengthy explanation but we've been using LOR for 7 years and have never had these kinds of issues with track skewing, and we've done it every year.

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Push comes to shove, copy the original sequencing and paste it into a blank sequence starting at 40 seconds.

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