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Wow I've been a busy little elf!

Was making a list of my completed and remastered sequences to start making into shows. After writing them all out I ended up doing/re-doing a total of thirth (30) sequences over the course of the summer.

No wonder I'm tired!

And here I am thinking about adding another one.

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I would really appreciate a copy as well. My daughters have been bugging me to do this song, but with this being my first year with LOR, I told them it was a maybe!

I was considering trying to sequence the short remix that is being used on new Kia commercial, starting at about 13 seconds in.


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Thank you Greg. Looks to very promissing. I will mostlikely start gleening into my channel setup sometime today.

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Looks at though I'm done shuffing! going to sit on what I have done over the weekend and look it over once more on Monday before I commit it to my line-up.

PM me emails and I'll send out what I have now to those who want to see my edit.

Thanks again Greg.

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Greg wrote:

I am in the process of sequencing PM your email I will send what I have so far
this is great, I am going to try and incorporate it into my halloween show too!!
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