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  1. Joel, First off let me thank you for the solution to my weather problem. I was using a some coding last season that was very clunky, it kinda worked but would fault out quite often. I found this thread back in march and it solved my problem beautifully. By the way it is working perfectly on windows 7 fyi. this weekend I moved me show computer to the basement for the season and found that the weather wasn't updating. I couldn't figure out what the problem was the error had something to do with writing to the output file or something of that nature. Anyway I found you newest release an
  2. I was having trouble with zara dtmf tones since moving to a 64 bit machine. I eliminated them all together and now use a program called AutoIt V3 to create a executible macro to call keyboard commands to start zara playing. Wors great in fact better, no more tones playing.
  3. For those of you using zara radio and weather watcher are you having any problems with weather watcher retreiving data from the weather bug site?
  4. Going to try compressed sequences. If I remember correctly in the past some of my sequences will cut the first second or two of the sequence when using the compressed version.
  5. I had this error tonight also, although I have seen this before but it always seemed to recover. I will investigate when I get home from work tomorrow morning when I have more time to research.
  6. Jackel, Great post thanks for the link, not the one I remember reading but may have to try that if the problem persists. At this point laying a charged extension cord in the vinicity of the problem seems to be doing the trick. (I probably jinxed myself now). After three days in a row with an issue in the same location everything has subsided.
  7. Going to try this. I noticed if I have an extension cord with power on it they don't bother it. Not sure if it is a squirrel or rabbit. The cables that are bundled together usually are fine. I am gonig to try that, hopefully I don't get interference!
  8. At the end of last year the (last two nights) I had a critter chewing through everything from speaker wire, cat5, lights and extension cords wire. Looks like he is back again this year, last night he chewed through to of my feeds for arches, and a sent of leds. I remember reading a thread about this problem but can seem to find it. My question is: Has anyone else had this problem and what is the solution? Thanks Greg
  9. Greg

    Cat5 Tester

    We have used one similar at work. Have probably tested over 5000 cables and still going strong! Great tool
  10. Jerry, That sucks.... I was woried about doing the same thing so much this season I used two different Molex connectors for each kind of strip that way I didn't inadvertently hook up the wrong strings. As soon as I finish this post I will also be making a not to stick on the controller so I don't forget for next year.
  11. Keep busy all year, Don't wait till the last 2 months before setup to start sequencing/building.
  12. Each year I get a 15 passanger van from one of the local elderly villages. This year we had a PPL truck (they were probably rubbing their hands together thinking about their bonus checks this year). Also had a pair of snowmobiles during the recent storm.
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