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  1. I purchased the Sansonic version and am very impressed with it. I did a bunch of power/range tests with it after I got it. For now I have it fine tuned it to give me just the right amount of range for the display, nothing more, and it has great clarity. I also did a FULL power test just to see how far I could hit it. I could still clearly hear my transmission that day about five miles away. (your results may be different) It almost scared me how far it transmitted.
  2. https://youtu.be/HylCcZ7bN7Y At 1:30 you can see my deer, ducks and boat with penguins.
  3. My buddy and I spearheaded the parody "All about the Lights". Is there a need to have the MP3?
  4. I mirror that too. Up until this past year I had no picture or video of ME. No one in my town would know who I was or what I did for Christmas with the exception of my friends and family. I always get a thrill when I overhear someone's conversation about my house with me standing right there and them not knowing what my connection was! So to address those other comments, No, I don't do it to get attention. Hell, If I wanted attention, I wouldn't have turned down the Christmas Light Fight for the first year.
  5. She does the song right, I just don't like that echo effect in the song.
  6. It was my switch to pixel roof and mini-trees. I wish I has a place for a virtual santa too. I've had people ask me if I was considering it, just no good place to put him...
  7. This was the SECOND year I almost had two drivers get into a fight while parked in front of my house due to one parking right in front of the house. I'm afraid that if I put cones out that they would just start parking further out into the street. (shaking head) People!
  8. I too thought it looked to blinky flashy. They spent considerable time linking everything together, now they need to spend some more sequencing...
  9. If my show ends and ANYONE asks to see it... I will turn it on without question. Heck, I have even run the show early for a family that could not come back when it was dark. The problem I run into is MY time, or lack there of. Between Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, work, church, and my son's and my choir practices I have none to visit with viewers and this bothers me sometimes. I have MISSED the Christmas Eve rush EVERY YEAR so far. I've only seen pictures from friends of the lineup of cars in each direction.
  10. I know that at least Three of the other animated displays in my town were because of me. I can remember spending at least two to three hours with each person walking over the display and showing them the computer program and how it works. (Though I'm not their wives best friend....lol) I know that when I get a knock on my door while the show is running that I'm in for a couple hour visit, wife just accepts it now. "Grab your jacket!"
  11. His first videos are what I used to fuel my move to RGB.
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