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Never Enough LIghts

All people with 16 Channels willing to trade sequences or looking for sequences identify yourselves here

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New to LOR this year as well. Starting off with 16 channel and any help would be appreciated. Ill contribute the low number i have as well. Thanks


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CTB16PC Hello everyone this will be my first Christmas with a controller i have like 5 sequences would anyone mind sharing some with me please jrmeloon1978@gmail.com

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Starting off, would like to get a few to start. I'm also working on some.

16 channel


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Hello All. This year I decided to add a video projector to the show. As such all of my sequences have been done with either videos or customized slide shows that I did in power-point and converted to WMV. 

Here is the list so far. I am finishing up 5or6 others. They are 16ch done with LOR V3.10. I will include all of the audio as they have been synced to custom video files.

PM me for link to my cloud drive. Feel free to use and or alter them as you see fit.

And now for the list. 

THX Broken
Christmas Story-Clinker-Bumper
Grizwold Opening
BabyJesus, Will and Grace-Bumper
Decorations-Bob Rivers
1 Min Bells Fill
Christmas Story Blwon Fuse-Bumper
Boogie Woogie Santa- BSO
Cancan-Straight No Chaser
Xmas Cannon-TSO
Carol of Bells--Tradional
Chipmunk Song- Edited
Charlie in a Box- Rudolph Bumper
Christmas in Killarney-Bing Crosby
Do You Hear-Spiriling
Dueling Jingle Bells-US Navy
Wish Liszt-TSO
Ef Chatting Filler
Elf on a Shelf- Jelly of the Month
Christmas Story Fragile- Bumper
12 Days of Xmas\Grinch- Gary Hoey Guitar 
God Rest Ye Merry Gents-TSO
Grinch- Thrul Ravenscroft
Noise-Noise-Noise- Grinch bumper
Have a Merry Xmas- TSO
I want a Hippo- Original
Holly Jolly Xmas- Burl Ives
Christmas Story- Its a Leg bumper
Jingle Dogs
Joy to World- Bob Rivers
Linus and Lucy- Vince
Mad Rus Christ-TSO
Manger 6- bumpper
mele kalikimaka- Bing
Trepak- Techno
Russian Dance- Classis Tchaikovsky
We Wish You Bagpipes
Polar Express
O'Holly Night-Southpark
White Xmas- Home Alone
Wonderful Xmas-Sir Paul
Christmas Time is Here- Vince
Xmas Vacation Theme
Christmas Vacation Blessing Speach- Tribute to Military and 1st Responders



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Hi all!!  this will be my 2nd Christmas with a controller, I am attempting to add another 16 this year. I have 3 sequences and am trying to add to my show without breaking the bank. I have basic lights, no singing faces or mega tree (yet ;) hopefully next year, time got away from me this year :wacko:) I do have some arches tho!!! I would love any sequences and help/advice you would be willing to give!! Thank you in advance!!



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Newbie here. I have 16 channels for the house and a 16 channel mega tree (2 colors 32 strands, alternating colors) I have 3 tso sequences that I got to work ok, but would love some more sequences to play with.

Thanks for the help


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I have 16 channels, a 16 channel ccr Tree, 24 Pixelsticks, 4 singing faces (dmx) and o lot of other DMX lights.


Thanks, Mark

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Hi and Happy Holidays!

I'm a newbie and don't have any sequences. Would you all be so kind as to share your 16 channel sequences? My family and I would appreciate it so much. I really do love the sequence with Carol of the bells by Cali. If you have that one, please send it to us. Thanks!!!!

my email address is mrqharris@yahoo.com

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forgot to add email address

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On 7/5/2017 at 11:57 AM, Kathy Gizzi said:

Tony, would you mind sending them my way as well?  Thanks in advance!  kathy.gizzi@gmail.com

Please and thank you! 


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