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  1. It should, I just checked and other people have been downloading.
  2. Just search for 16.lms - there's like 30 16 channel songs. But it doesn't really matter how many channels there are as you could just "pick 16 channels" out of any sequence.
  3. Exactly - I just scraped the internet for free sequences "just to do it" and then removed all audio files to comply with forum policy. There's plenty of usable content, some with hundreds of channels, arches, singing faces and/or pixel trees.
  4. I tried to clean up some of the duplicates, but got bored. If you see the same name and it is the same file size chances are it is a duplicate. If it is the same name but a different size, then it's probably sequenced to a different channel count and one might suit your display better than another.
  5. Right-click from your browser and save the sequence you want. Once saved to your computer just double-click to open it.
  6. Username and password are both: lor Happy Holidays
  7. Yep, we've emailed back and forth about eight times now. All the sequences I sent you open right up just fine in the sequence editor for me.
  8. What's your email address, i'll send you some.
  9. My current hoard of over 3,500 sequences is bound to include some 16 channel ones. Let me zip some up and I'll email them out to some of you.
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