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    Shoes, Letris & Friends, photography, photographic imagination/memory and an ear for music. Visualizer? I can hear music and visualize what a sequence would look like in my mind. No, I'm not a sequence editor master, just a newbie with 16 channels. My hubby is the "amp" police, because I always push the limit. Thus the name "Never Enough Lights". My hubby thinks that is a very appropriate handle for me on this forum.
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    Christmas, of course!

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  1. Hi Everyone, Please PM me if you are looking for sequences, which wil notify me by email. I'm rarely on the forum anymore, just too busy with renos and life in general. Will send you sequences when I can. For those looking for Halloween, sorry I don't do Halloween only Christmas. Thanks a lot Joan
  2. Hi Everyone, We are busy painting/renovating our home, so I have not been checking messages very often. I will get back to you with sequences when I'm able to. Thanks James for helping me out here, greatly appreciated. Joan
  3. CMHall 30, I will also send you some sequences that will work with 16 channels. So, you don't have to edit down monsterous ones, with pixels, singing faces, etc.
  4. Tony, I will send you some sequences that work with 16 channels. So, you don't have to edit down monsterous ones.
  5. I never had a squirrel chew up any of my cords. I cut up a black garbage bag into square pieces, wrap the connection in it and seal it with black electrical tape. Blends into the soil. Anything that is remotely shaped like an acorn they are into, that is why they go after the sockets. The cord is just the stem they are chewing off to get to your acorn (socket). Alternatively, go to a hair salon and get some human hair to spread around your connections. Animals do not like the smell of human hair. Pepper, cayenne pepper will do too.
  6. "Fluffy, wake up! I need to know what happened at our office Christmas party."
  7. That's it, I'm not smiling for these Christmas photos anymore. Grandma's idea of sending us matching outfits every year is totally out of control.
  8. Hi GW, I totally relate to health issues and being way behind. I have spinal issues which cause nerve tingling, numbness in my arms, legs, fingers and toes. Sometimes locked fingers and toes, dizziness/light headedness too. I have good days, bad days and inbetween days and some days where I'm flat out. Doc says if I get any worse I will have to have a steel rod inserted in my spine. To top it all off, just as we started putting up our Christmas lights and painting inside our home, my hubby had an accident at work, which put him out of commission. I ended up putting up a 5000 light Christmas display by myself, looking after my hubby and I'm still trying to finish painting and help a charity I help out every Christmas too. I will send you some sequences later today or tomorrow. Anyone else, please reply to my thread below. It's much easier for me to find everyone in one place, as I have a lot on my plate right now. Thanks a lot. Joan
  9. Can all the people with 16 channels willing to trade sequences or looking for sequences, please identify yourself here. It will be a lot easier for other 16 channel members to help you out, trade sequences with you, etc. if we can all meet in one place and find each other, instead of being scattered all over the forum.
  10. Sent. Will not be following this thread. If you want these sequences, ask the people above that I already sent it to.
  11. I'm sure the people on LOR that dress up their houses, dress up their pets. Please share or submit your fav photo from the net.
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