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The following is a list of vendors who have been approved to advertise their product on the Light-O-Rama forums. Vendors who are not on this list, but wish to advertise should see Light-O-Rama Forums Vendor Advertising Policy.
See next post for approved vendors.
If you wish to advertise as a vendor in the forums, please see the Advertising Policy above.


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List of Approved Vendors - Last update 02/15/2017
All Light-O-Rama Partners listed here.
Vendor: Wire Frame D'Lites
Website: www.wireframedlites.com
Owner: DougP
Product/Service: Custom Wireframes
Vendor/Owner: George Simmons
Website: www.Clearwaterlights.org
Product/Service: Custom Sequencing Services
Vendor/Owner: Matt Ross / aka rainyoregonchristmas
Website: None yet.
Product/Service: [As written by Matt] Robust lighting elements built to take the abuse of seasonal lighting. Right now my primary product is the "Rainy Tree". It is built from steel and aluminum with both machined and turned parts. It is a sturdier version of what is commonly known as the Holdman tree, or Stick Tree.
Vendor: Demented Elf Productions
Website: www.thedementedelf.com
Owner: Kevin Dunn
Product/Service: Voice overs. "Take your display to the next level with custom voice overs!"
Vendor: Season's Greeters
Website: www.seasonsgreeters.net (Under Construction as of 08/13/13)
Owner: Mike Ziemkowski
Product/Service: [i'll update this once Mike has a chance to share it here on the forums.]
Vendor: Holiday Yard Art Store
Website: www.holidayyardartstore.com
Owner: Dan Aos
Product/Service: Custom Wireframes both unlit and prelit for holiday yard display. Will also be making wooden cutouts for holiday displays.
Vendor: Eaton Decoration connection
Website: Sells items via ChristmasLEDS.com
Owner: Dennis Eaton
Product/Service: 3-D wire frames that are easy storage and breakdown.
Vendor: MrTooManyChristmasDecorationsGuy
Website: MrTooManyChristmasDecorationsGuy.com
Owner: Jim Anderson
Product/Service: We are working on a line of singing faces for Christmas and Halloween with pvc frames all items are hand crafted. We do sell a few sequences but are concentrating on the faces as we hope to add at least a dozen faces by this holiday season and plan on adding more every year.  
Vendor: Christmas-LEDs.com
Owner - Valerie Piechur
Website - www.Christmas-LEDs.com
Product/Service: We sell wire frames (lit and unlit),LED light strings,rope lights,spot lights, C7 & C9 retrofit bulbs (all full wave and dimmable), snowfall lights, wire frame clips, wire frame light string, colored caps for LED lights, strobe lights and more.

Vendor: Smock Dog Media
Website: www.smockdogmedia.com
Owner: Steve Smock
Product/Service: [As written by Steve] I offer voice over and radio production services for the broadcast portion of light shows.
Website: www.holidaysequences.com
Contact: Robert
Product/Service: 12 ribbon CCR sequences 16 ribbon CCR sequences Halloween singing sequences, singing Christmas tree sequences as well as custom sequencing.

Vendor: Tom BetGeorge Music
Website: (Youtube Page) https://www.youtube.com/user/tbetgeorge
Owner: Tom BetGeorge
Product/Service: Custom Sequencing/Programming

Vendor: Seasonal Sequences
Website: www.seasonalsequences.com
Owner: Todd (Grinch)  
Product/Service: Custom Programming, with a focus on CCR sequences.

Vendor: SyncroLights
Website: www.synchrolights.com
Owner: Lyman Rate
Product/Service: custom sequencing using LOR. Commercial, residential, cities, downtown districts, and any who ask, we can sequence everything.

Vendor: Cooltees Custom Apparel
Website: cooltees.us
Owner: Greg Becker
Product/Service: We sell Custom T-Shirts for Holiday Lighting enthusiasts. We can also custom design and make T-Shirts for your specific display.

Vendor: Who Dat Sequencing
Website - http://www.whodatsequencing.com/
Owner: Christmas_nolagirl28
Product/Service: We sequence songs from 16 channels to 64 channels. We do everything from classic to new popular songs that no one has thought of sequencing. We also do private requests and have had clients for now three years via eBay. We do our own light-show but know that not everyone has the patience to sequence songs so we make sure our versions are download, plug and play. We also provide limited tech support for our clients and downloadable easy guides to make sure it's easy from everyone who just saw it on TV to the most experienced Light-O-Rama sequencers. 

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