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The following is a list of vendors who have been approved to advertise their product on the Light-O-Rama forums. Vendors who are not on this list, but wish to advertise should see Light-O-Rama Marketplace Policy.
See next post for approved vendors.
If you wish to advertise as a vendor in the forums, please see the Marketplace Policy above.


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List of Approved Vendors - Last update 07/30/2021
All Light-O-Rama Partners listed here.
Vendor: Wire Frame D'Lites
Website: www.wireframedlites.com
Owner: DougP
Product/Service: Custom Wireframes
Vendor: Season's Greeters
Website: www.seasonsgreeters.net (Under Construction as of 08/13/13)
Owner: Mike Ziemkowski
Product/Service: [i'll update this once Mike has a chance to share it here on the forums.]
Website: www.holidaysequences.com
Contact: Robert
Product/Service: 12 ribbon CCR sequences 16 ribbon CCR sequences Halloween singing sequences, singing Christmas tree sequences as well as custom sequencing.

Vendor: Seasonal Sequences
Website: www.seasonalsequences.com
Owner: Todd (Grinch)  
Product/Service: Custom Programming, with a focus on CCR sequences.

Vendor Name: Blown Bulb Sequences
Contact Person: admin@blownbulbsequences.com (Forum user:  gsmith37064)
Product/Service: Halloween and Christmas Singing Sequences, 24 Strand Matrix Sequences, Whole House Sequences, as well as custom sequencing.

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