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Vendor Marketplace Policy


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The primary purpose of the Light-O-Rama forums is to provide a place that Light-O-Rama users can come together and get help with their LOR hardware and software from other LOR users.

There are, however, many other vendors out there who have items that may be of use to you in your display. We want to allow those vendors to advertise their products to you in an organized and controlled manner.

Who May Advertise?

Light-O-Rama Partners may advertise their services and Light-O-Rama products. However, a Partner should not advertise a competing product on the forum.

All other vendors wishing to advertise their products must send a PM to LORAdmin, who will forward the information to Light-O-Rama for review. Light-O-Rama will make the final decision on all Vendor Advertising Requests.

Requests to advertise in the forums should include:


Vendor Name / Website
Contact Person / Email / Phone
A general description of your product line.

Where To Advertise

All approved vendors wishing to advertise any product or sale, must place the post in the Vendor Marketplace forum. Approved vendors are permitted to make references to their product in posts, however they should not turn the post into an advertisement for their product.

Important Notice

The approved vendors are not endorsed or supported by Light-O-Rama. The approved vendors are simply those companies who are permitted to advertise on the Light-O-Rama forums.

Vendor Dispute Policy

If you have a problem with a transaction made with an approved vendor, you are strongly encouraged to work out the transaction with the vendor first. If after you have tried to work out a successful resolution, please send a PM to LORAdmin with the details of the problem. The details will be sent to LOR, who will review the data as time permits.


Removal from Approved Vendor List


Light-O-Rama reserves the right to remove any vendor from this list for any reason without notice.  Vendors who violate Light-O-Rama Terms, Conditions, or forum rules will be immediately removed from the approved vendor list.

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