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  1. Holidaysequences hopes everyone had a great and safe Thanksgiving. Unfortunately the 10 year anniversary sale has come to an end and holidaysequences would like to thank all of our customers that got their sequences at a huge discount but Holidaysequences would like to inform all of our customers that might of missed the 10 year anniversary sale that the last sale of the year is coming this Saturday with the SATURDAY and SUNDAY SEQUENCE SALE the sale will be starting on Saturday November 28th 2020 and ending on November 30th 2020. The savings on sequences will be last one for the year so grab all your sequences cause this sale only happens once a year.No code needed discounts automatic at checkout.Thank YouRobert JaimeHolidaysequences
  2. I hope all our customers are doing well. Most know I have been in the sequence business since 2010 when I started doing custom sequencing for customers and had a blast getting know my customers on a personal basis. In 2014 Holidaysequences was born and has been going strong since. To show my appreciation to all my customers I couldn't be more grateful to you for making it happen so lets celebrate this extra special occasion at our 10th Anniversary sale with hundreds of reason to shop. With 45% off all sequences Starting 11-9-2020 until 11-26-2020 No code needed. This is to show my appreciation to YOU our customers. Many I have gotten to know on a personal level and many more I would like to get to know. Thank You Robert Jaime
  3. I can see if I have my old ones still Ill look and get back to you Thank You
  4. Well the Raiders went out and gave the Chiefs there first loss today as the Raiders scored 40 points so you know what that means 40% off all sequences at www.Holidaysequences.com this week Starts on 10-12-2020 and ends on 10-16-2020. I hope all our customers are enjoying all the discounts for the past weeks. I can see so many customers are really enjoying the discounts week after week as well as the triple threat sequences that go on sale every week as well.
  5. Raiders may of lost the game tonight but doesn't mean our customers lose as well it was a good game. Raiders Scored 23 points and adding record 2-2 so 27% off all sequences at Holidaysequences.com starting 10-5-2020 through 10-09-2020.So our customers actually win some great savings on this deal.
  6. RAIDERS Scored 20 points but I am taking the 20 points and adding the Raiders Record 2-1 adds up to 23% but holidaysequences.com is adding an extra 2% so total off sequences will be 25% off sequences starting 9-28-2020 until 10-2-2020.
  7. For the price of the Triple Threat sequence the faces could be saved and used at a later date or store them away up to you.Check out the price and go from there. Thank You
  8. Every Saturday Holidaysequences.com has a Triple Threat Sequence Sale on 1 up to 8 sequences for either Christmas or Halloween for that Saturday only. What is a Triple Threat Sequence you might ask well it is a sale on a sequence that contains a 24 x 50 matrix, 16 x 50 pixel tree and singing trees or (singing monsters) all on 1 sequence for a discounted price. Sequence will be revealed on Holidaysequences.com home page every Saturday. Stop by the website to check out the Triple Threat Sequence. Thank You Holidaysequences
  9. Holidaysequences.com is having a Raiders Sequences Sale The sale happens every week. How it works is how many points the Raiders score in the game for the week will be the discounted percentage on Tuesday and Wednesday so this week the RAIDERS Score 34 and I am adding 5% extra for RAIDERS winning at home in new Stadium so discount for Tuesday 9-22-2020 and Wednesday 9-23-2020 will be 39% off sequences.
  10. The 16 Tree and matrix for Catchy song has been fixed with the new MP3. Here is the link in Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Catchy-Song-feat-T-Pain-That/dp/B07Q2BSD5S/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3K6DA7CFA98DF&dchild=1&keywords=catchy+song+lego+movie+2&qid=1595822644&s=dmusic&sprefix=catchy%2Cdigital-music%2C207&sr=1-1
  11. I am going to switch the MP3 here shortly but have to watch the whole sequence to see if their are any corrections that I need to make will post when done Thank You
  12. When I do Xlight sequences if not mistaken you can create a LMS from Xlights... But if the sequence is created in a bunch of group props it is a little harder to export into a LMS file usually if the prop is done as a single prop you can export it into a LMS fairly easy.
  13. The AVI used can be up scaled to the size of tree you have. I have converted all my files into a AVI file to work in S5.. Customers I have shown how to use the AVI's love how quick it is to load up in S5. I also do this in Xlights where customers get the AVI files just so you know the AVI created in Xlights will not work in Light O Rama. In 2020 I will be including the AVI files for S5 users. Madmarlon I gotcha send me a email and I will take care of it. Thanks
  14. In S5 which you stated you are using..... an AVI can be used which I have as well. I can send you the AVI to use and can show you how to load it in S5 it is very simple. Let me know Thank You
  15. Just to clarify Gil did not reverse engineer it to put xmodels into S5 sorry
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