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  1. james morris

    One mans trash

    My Daughter every holiday ask what she can use at her house seams all my spare lights end up there my wire frames too the grandkids love it she does Halloween and Christmas
  2. k6ccc

    new computer

    Glad you found all your files. My solution to this problem (although done for different reasons) is to map a network drive of L:\ for all my computers that have LOR software installed. That L:\ drive may be some folder on the local hard drive, or it may be a shared network drive on my server. But it's always L:\ for the LOR files. For example, on this computer, L:\ is really \\Jupiter\D:\Shared\LOR, but as far as LOR is concerned, it is just L:\ In case you are wondering, Jupiter is the name of my server. As for two monitors, once you start using two, you will never want to go back to one. I have had two on this computer for years and will be adding a third and maybe a fourth whenever I make desk space for them. BTW, I have one monitor in landscape and the other in portrait because some things just work better in one vs the other. Number three will be in landscape, and not sure about number four if I go that far.
  3. TheDucks

    new computer

    When I got my (then) new (refurb) W7 desktop, I used the file and settings transfer the Microsoft provided. There were things that I had placed OUTSIDE of the user area (documents and settings) that I had to move. But on the whole, it did much of the work (and adjusted paths used by the Apps)
  4. lightingnewb

    new computer

    For these reasons, and many other reasons, I always do two separate backups: One hard backup to an external drive and a secondary to my Google Drive account. That way there's never a chance for my work to be lost. To solve your problem: look for where the music could be first. Locate all of the music before going forward. Second, once you find all the music, copy them and put them in the folder that the SE is directed to. This is usually the "Audio" folder from when LOR was initially installed.
  5. dibblejr

    new computer

    Win 7 Pro, I had no problems but I upgraded to Win 10 and my issues started until I got a Framework file sent to me. As far as audio, if you are speaking of the LOR internal location probably no way other than copy paste or drag drop. If you are talking about your sequences, I too had that problem. Every time I open an old sequence I just have to edit the media file. Eventually I will get caught up. Not sure why music would be missing. Did you use a program like Ghost copy to copy your old system and transfer it over? JR
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