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  1. Sound good I'm in ready to help
  2. This is a sup file I did it with auto face in super star do you have super star
  3. godney This will not work for you the main tree is pixel
  4. When you do the fix please make it available for 4.7 please thanks
  5. I found that auto face does only 5 min of a song doing a 7 min song the work around is to take the sing only mp3 put it in audacity find a part that has no singing about half way through delete the first part then save it load it in another face sup using the same faces run it copy it open your first one then past the second one in where it should be
  6. I have two the first is cat 5 from my show computer is in back bed room so i went up in the roof ran it to the garage where I have 3 16 channels controlers the other cable is either net e 131 run that to the frount porch were i have two 16 channels alphia pix controlers
  7. I also use xtrea stems it separates voices base drums the rest in 4 separate mp3 great for super star auto face I also use audacity too
  8. I getting rid of my 16 by 50 pixel tree replacing it with a 24 by 50 veritical matrix I have a 24 by 50 horizontal also
  9. When you do this up grade please add to ss for 4 thanks
  10. Also adding moving Head Lights got one to start working with
  11. open sequence go to edit go down to media file make sure you put all your mp3 in the audio file folder then open audio folder select the mp3 then save it
  12. give me your email will send vis file
  13. Great advice Brian Always liked youe sequences
  14. You can but it a bit to fast mouth movement try to make it less sentivity you have to have vis file for the five mouth
  15. 8 flood light set I have one programing the sequences
  16. Sent The one you guys a looking at is a X-Light sequence I made one for light O rama it is using the same mp3 but different sequence
  17. I got the setup done now i need to know if I need to set the dip switches for my output or is that not needed
  18. Do you have a pixel tree 16 channel if not you can't use this one
  19. I have a alphapix standard 16 alphapix pixel controler I wired in a dumb rgb 30 channel controler to the alphapix 16 with cat5 data cable you use two of the cats orange and orange white wire to alphapix 16 then plug the other in rgb controler
  20. I need someone that has a alphipex 16 with the holiday coro dumb flood kit hook up to it E131 to make sure I have it configure right
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