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  1. If you added the group while sequencing the previous song you need to export the gridview with the new group and import it while starting a new sequence. JR
  2. Ensure your green terminal lugs on those pigtails are correct. Mashed in between the metal feet and not underneath the metal foot. It is an easy mistake to make and can cause multiple string issues. If you don’t get it you can send it to me and I can have a look at it and do some tests that I perform on problematic ( there have been very few) pixies. Also , ensure they and it you power supply match IOW- 12v or 5v psu and pixels. I made a video once of a similar situation where a member sent me his pixie16 and pixels (luckily). He said they were all 12v but the psu was 5v. I connected my psu to his pixie16 and all pixels worked. I did. Have to change his comm chip since he connected to computer without adapter, that was his original problem. Then I found the rest of the problems. JR
  3. No issues with removing the jumper! If you watched my video above you seen where I mention not installing the jumper. JR
  4. If you was going to use 50 pixie16’s you would be well advised to get yourself 8 pixielinks to go along with them and use them as e1.31. Save the networks. At 100 pixels per port you should not daisy chain another pixie16 on a single network. JR
  5. I have my elf helper as well. She and I have wireless ear buds and she talks to the children and the shock on their faces when I walk up and know their names and whisper what they want for Christmas. Priceless! Last year while the fire truck Santa started up our street my friend let me know as always. I told some children that it was time for Santa to go and that my reindeer were in the back yard eating. A small herd of real deer ran across the street about 100’ in front of us. Perfect timing JR
  6. His IDs are good. I believe he has power issues. I have never skipped unit IDs. No reason to. Keep them simple and in order in which they fall. JR
  7. I answered your pm hours ago. Just in case you didn’t see it. JR
  8. Sorry late to the game, was out most of the day. What FW version is on the pixie? What version is the pixie? One note since you mentioned it- 99% of pixie users will never need to change the logical resolution- as tempting as it is , it has nothing to do with the number of pixels used. That should be set at 50 as it comes from the factory. The answer to the 2 questions above will help me help you. I believe you may have posted the similar question on FB and someone linked you to my pixie Config video. That video was prior to the most recent versions of S4/S5 where we now have the option of setting more than 100 pixels per port in the HU. If you can’t figure it out shoot me a PM or IM and we can exchange phone numbers and you can call me. JR
  9. They are called cross hatches. If you add ME or Channel rows they should go away JR
  10. I always Google “mini gifs”. If I want a picture of a dancing Santa I just Google “Dancing Santa mini gif”. You will want the lowest resolution images you can find. You may try 50 images before finding one that looks good on the actual prop. JR
  11. Since it’s up and down on the donor did you copy/ paste to all pixels on the house? Check the pixels within to ensure effects are there. If not it may be showing only 1 pixel on your playback which is very difficult to see. JR
  12. I really can’t tell. I am not exactly seeing it in your roof line especially where the two sections in the center of both of those.. Can you draw arrows as too how you expect it to flow? What I do is have my ports starting pixels next to each other and go down the peeks, the gutters go from outside edge to inside It really doesn’t matter because you sequence it to move in whatever direction and motion you want. See videos. All left and right sides of my peeks start with node 1 at top
  13. You must tell the software where the starting pixels are. You can view the sequencing in there playback window as reference. On another note. With S5 you can use a pixie 16 on a CCR tree or other prop and use less ports by selecting the fold in prop def. This will allow yoi to get more props from your controllers. JR
  14. Just use the HUB and create the show twice instead of trying to copy the card. With the HUB it only takes a minute or so to create a show unlike in the past. I found the HUB much easier to use. Also remember Kingston is the recommended carb by LOR. JR
  15. If you use buy strings/ ribbons with xconnect fittings you can buy an adapter from HC that will allow you to use those connectors with your LOR connectors. All plug in play no cutting or soldering. These just came out a bit before Covid and I have used them for some of my LOR strands. When I switched to xconnect I stopped soldering my own ends since more vendors starting selling the strings with xconnect ends. in the beginning I was soldering my own using xconnect pigtails. Pigtails get screwed in to the green terminal lugs on the controller. Then the lights just screw in to them. No soldering to the pcb. I think a lot of people make this hobby much more difficult than it is. While new users over think things. JR
  16. PM me a pic of the board, or pm Me and I will share my cell # and you can text me a pic. If you wish of course. JR
  17. The factory reset may have worked. All that counts is that it is now correct. JR
  18. It’s not a problem. It’s designed that way. if you look at the drop down menu in HU where you set the color order you will know why. they are set up for a lot of different pixels and MFG chip sets. There are chipsets that are not even defined in the list and A way to set theM but that is for very specific chip sets that 99.9% of the users will not have. JR
  19. watch my video below 1- did you happen to put the jumper that came in the package where the note that came with it said? If so remove that jumper. 2- there are two different kwz ws2811 pixels, try the opposite of what you have now. They are in the HU in the pixie/ CCR Config/ advanced tab 3- if that does not work do a hard reset with power to the pixie push and hold the white reset button Continue to push it while unplugging the power cintinue to hold and wait for the status light to go off hold it for a few more seconds and plug the power cord back in once the status light starts flashing really fast Stop pressing the button and try The lights again If you need help pm Me
  20. You should throw James hot rod truck in with them. JR
  21. That is the comm chip. Did you send it back for repair or just reflow the solder? JR
  22. You can use SS to do it with about 4 clicks of a mouse or you can covert using an AVI file editor. Just to add to Jims FYI JR
  23. Your assumption is correct. If the parts of the face has different numbers of pixels per movement then only the current number oF pixels connected to a certain port will light. JR
  24. Tomorrow night is the Zoom Room, everyone is welcome to attend and ask whatever questions you may have. JR
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