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  1. Enhanced is REQUIRED for a pixie16. (Pixie controller) Read the manual, do the research Manual page 5, second paragraph. Yes it sort of contradicts itself but typos do happen but the second part stateS “ ELOR network is required to run the pixie correctly”. ELOR is only included in the Pro version. Its been like that since beta Also note- a Pixie16 can be run at 1000k only if there are no other controllers other than pixies on the associated network. JR
  2. Not to sure about that. I remember 1 other person a while back that could not locate a pixie due to not having a pro license, however I cannot recall if he had a basic or advanced license. Not in the case of the OP but remember a pixie controller will not be found in the HU if the HU is not 4.4.0 or above since the pixie was not added until 4.4.0 Have to attempt to rule it out since the OP will require a Pro license to use the pixie controller as required with the Enhanced net work. He understands my reasoning. If it doesn’t work it will more than Likely be a defective com chip in which case I can replace in a day turn around time. Just have to make all things equal before ruling out all possibilities. Troubleshooting 101. JR
  3. I had the pleasure of speaking with Twiggy140 on the phone. After a brief discussion learned his license level was only Advanced so that is probably the reason his pixie16 is no longer discovered in HU. All settings are now correct so when he upgrades to Pro he should be good to go and if it is still undiscoverable it will be a com chip problem. If that is the case he will send it to me for repair but I am almost certain it will work once he has upgraded to the Pro license. Not sure why it worked the first time but it could be if he had assigned multiple IDs that it was lighting from that but that is just a hunch. JR
  4. Out of all of the 200+ or so that I have built, own and or repaired for others I have only had 1 and that was mine that had a FW problem. That was a V1 with the original fw that could not be updated. That one I had to send on to have engineers to resolve the issue. I have never seen or heard of a pixie16 "lose fw". I did have one friend who recently attempted to update his fw with multiple controllers connected and I received the emergency help call. It reset several of his controllers some how but that was an easy fix and we got everything back up in a short time. (his error, not the hardware or LOR's) If you take the board out and send it to me I will throw it on my bench. I do not need anything else. You have my address and I am closer than LOR. Or you can send the entire controller if you dont feel like you want to take it apart. JR
  5. I believe under Sequence you can select "manage archived props" JR
  6. One thing to add here. I do not kow about others however I and the many people I have helped here have never had success if trying to run the LOR Reg network past com4. I just helped a member yesterday who had attempted to start with com 7. Had a plethora number of issues trying to find and configure controllers. She sent me a pic of her HU screen and I saw com 7. Reassigned to com port 3 and everything worked. She said the computer would not let her assign lower than 7. I believe when first plugged in her adapter was at port 9 Its to easy to reassign devices to save the hassle. Not sure if that is what's going on here but wanted to ref it. JR
  7. Right click on the Channel/ Port title in yoir gridview Add ME or Channel Rows JR
  8. Do you happen to have virus protection running? Windows Defender? If so turn them off. That Win Defender is a sneaky little booger. JR
  9. If the HU cannot find the unit , the FW cannot be updated. You have two choices 1- select he unit to be updated (from the list of found controllers) or 2- Update the only one connected, it must be discovered and in the found unit window The difference in your “borked” update is that the pixie4 would have had to be found. That is why it is recommended to only have one controller connected while updating. JR
  10. Send the controller board back to me. I can look at it. JR
  11. As above , upgrade to Pro Search Youtube for LOR Speed Sequencing S5 Yoi would be surprised at what yoi can do when yoi think yoi do not have time. In a crunch or new this makes sense. JR
  12. However you did it in S4 should basically be the same as S5 however the "xL" may bring more complexity to the scenario. Should not have had to cut anything down to copy/ paste i S4. I did that all of the time, however you may have to copy and save smaller rows of RGB props. For example a 24x50 matrix I copy is broken down in to copy/ paste/ save 8 rows at a time. JR
  13. I am interested in this as well. Sorry I do not know much more about PE than we already did. JR
  14. Have you swapped out those floods with a set of 12v pixels? JR
  15. Actually you must have the pixie powered up, then push and hold the white button while powering down and continue to push the white button while plugging it back in until the status light flashes really fast, only then do you release the button Note- it does not reset the Unit ID JR
  16. If it works at 1000K by itself you could always put it on a dif network/ However as stated only if only pixie controllers are on that network. JR
  17. I know what they are now. I have a bunch of them and yse about 4" or so. I have both LOR/HC Xconnect and Xconnect to LOR
  18. Me too. Wont stop but for a few seconds if there is no action and lights just on or off. JR
  19. You have to power cycle the controller. Just because it was off, holding the white button in and plugging it back in does not reset the controller. Must start with controller on. Also previously you have indicated you are using 1000K speed, this will not work if you have any other controllers connected. What have you changed on the controller? Jumper or anything? JR
  20. That is not how you reset a pixie controller Push and hold the white button throughout the process 1- Push and hold the white button 2- Unplug the controller 3- I usually hold the button for 30 seconds 4- Plug it back in 5- Release the white button as soon as the light flashes very fast You should contact me for help with your pixie16 after all I did build it. I would suggest unplugging the flood and try a string of nodes instead. JR
  21. The AP Flex is a fairly new device. You may want to reach out to HC to assist you with configuring it. JR
  22. Check the pause button. If paused you must hit the pause button again. Not sure if restarting S5 fixes it but while sequencing and hitting the pause you must un pause JR
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