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  1. 2019 are up on their YouTube page. I think mine is 80 something. Took me a min to find it. You should find others with my link JR
  2. Orville Start with something easy. The LOR Singing Quartet. The props are built in and can be downloaded. Here is my CCR tree build , in its own preview because the video was made for another member. Only under the “green +” in the preview design select download a prop from the Light O Rama website. Just follow that and that will get you started. That will help you learn. And you can add all of your props to that and rename the preview later. It is a start to finish. The LOR singers are even easier. JR
  3. I would just add the pic without lights and place your props (lights) where they go as you build. Most props are already built somewhere. If you have a prop file or animation file they could be imported and used with your channel assignments. Adding and assigning props Is easy just use the “green +” to add a prop to the preview. You can test them as you build. Aubreys videos would get you off to a great start. Here is a link to one from there you can find the others. JR
  4. One of my two AC controller that I have left after going all pixels . It controls my singing santa. In S5 it only gives it 3 channels. I have not been able to correct it and I built it in S5. LOL I am forced to use my 2nd AC controller to control 3 channels for my strobes. Not sure what went wrong or I could use one AC controller. Something I will be looking in to soon.
  5. If I recall the pixie2 is rated at a grand total of 5 amps JR
  6. Sort, right click on the channel button and sort by whatever it takes to get them where you need them. You may also have to name/ number every node. I had to do that with a few custom props. JR
  7. I found out last January that sometimes what should be the easiest way makes a lot more work with unwanted results so I rebuilt my entire preview and had a successful Covid show, and then something went wrong and had it became a nightmare at Halloween. A lot of help from friends here got me fixed up. JR
  8. Not going to work well. Save yourself the grief and build your "preview" from scratch. FYI- I do not convert my S4 sequences to S5. When you open an S4 sequence in S5 after building your preview skip through all of the warnings, copy paste and close the old sequence without saving. IMO JR
  9. They usually don't release any videos until after the deadline date. The rain and drizzle has been relentless so I still have some props up. I don't take wet props down. The only controllers, cables and lights still out are the ones that are year round. Gonna be a while for the last props since its gonna continue to rain for another week. JR
  10. The wife and I do miss the tree though. I gave all the lights away except for my 5mm strobes. They came in handy this year for one of my fav props. My Santa Sleigh and Reindeer the feet looked like they were moving and it was suspended high in the air JR
  11. I had 12 Controllers controlling my 12,500 light mega tree that I retired a couple years ago. Mini G/B/W/R/Multi C9's, Green, C9's, Red, C9s and Multi C9's
  12. Keep in mind the more channels per LED prop the more you can do with them. I don't know how many times I have been asked to sequence a song that someone has seen a video on youtube and expect the same results with limited controllers. As you (not if you) expand keep that in mind. My mini trees had 6 - 100 strand colors until I switched to RGB. Using different color combinations can net you extra colors. JR
  13. The psu’s would mount on their sides to the mounting plate. The generic mounting plate has 4 holes for those. There is a tab on the generic mounting plate that snaps off and on the front side that tab is used as a support bridge. I guess my build message thread had been maxed out. I built a new thread today and will add you to it. Yes, if you will be daisy chaining from your pixie you will want to cat5 extensions On a pixie8 I would not recommend or build with less than 500w. For my builds and builds I do for others I always recommend 2 psu’s. But some people don’t lik
  14. Any you sequence very well. Any you get credit for being one of the members that pushed me enough to go to S5. JR
  15. No where in the doc does it or has it ever stated 100 pixels per port. It has always been 170 since beta but now it says up to 200 which may be because of the pixielink that I have but have not tested yet. JR
  16. You are good. As I mentioned before and often. Turn them down to 30-50% they are plenty bright Inwould also recommend having 2 psu’s but that is your decision to make. Depending on what they are used for and the creativity of the sequences you may be alright with a single psu. I don’t know how many watts the LOR pixie8 is assembled with. JR
  17. No. Use as many as you want/ need. Up to 170 JR
  18. The LOR 10w RGB flood kit will be perfect. JR
  19. My bad- what I typed was for S4. Don’t know how I thought it was for S4 S5- highlight what you want to change, select a color using the tool bar Right click - apply affect “foreground” Apply color hue That should about get you there. Unless you have color fades within fades, then you will have to do manually.
  20. HC2500. You will want to get the “generic mounting plate” and a couple other items. Shoot me a PM and I can add you to my build list JR
  21. You must not be watching the same video I made. It shows all colors. This is one half the problem here. Some read to much, some read to little. JR
  22. I don’t know. It was something I just through together because I just finished the build and always test 150 nodes. But I was also building a prop and had all of my nodes out and figured why not since the topic of “how many nodes can I light” always seems to be brought up. My reply is always the same “depends on the situation”. The test above was 100% The prop was ran at 30% because it looks better and this year I will try 20 or so%. JR
  23. The only fuse I have ever blown on a pixel controller was my matrix pixie16- that was due to me forgetting that I cut the oem black connector off and had bare wires. I have never blown a fuse on any pixel controller while testing to see how many nodes I could connect without power loss. The truth is all with testing. While beta testing the pixie16 I always posted the results which can be found in these forums in various threads. A test I conducted between Halloween and Christmas that I did not post since it’s a personal test is here. Originally the test stopped at 350. After di
  24. I’ve built all of mine , all 4’s have 350 or 500w psu’s depending on what I had/ have at the time. All 8’s and 16’s have no less that 350w per bank. Instead of 2 banks sharing a psu they get a dedicated bank. Perhaps this is why some that have 2 psu’s have better results than single psu’s. IDK, but I do know that those that use my design do not have the priblems that some others have. Also doing it this way, in the event that you ever need PI the power can be easily pulled from one of the psu’s. I for one do not think pi is a good thing. Yes, it sounds cool, “I have so
  25. The outputs can control 170 pixels each. Pixie series. JR
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