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  1. Each Adapter gets its own Com# when attached, You then need to use the Network Utility Advanced screen to Match the Com# assignment to LOR Network name (and adjust the speed). This is why I mark the Network on the adapter, because it will normally get the same com# Also NEVER again click Use for Show in HU. That messes up the mapping
  2. Not to discourage Drill press ownership 😛 I use a pair of an way older version https://www.homedepot.com/p/Wolfcraft-Portable-Multi-Angle-Drill-Guide-with-Drill-Chuck-4525404/303283380?MERCH=REC-_-pipsem-_-206520394-_-303283380-_-N& with a corded drill. The second one is just a Index dowel holder that slides along the bench top as you make more holes, so all holes end up inline.
  3. I got rocy ground so I went with the Aluminum stakes from HC. I did have to lightly ream the center hole in the Bail to fit the stakes bolt Great value, I am on my 4th season and dirt and light scratches are it.
  4. That is why the ONLY one FW mode is there. It does not use an address. Been there, borked a Pixie4 update. Went out and disconnected the others and it ran
  5. You seem to be describing 2 different issues 1) self test (test pattern) does not run. You do not even need a network for this 2) fails to see the network From those 2, I would suspect there is a low level fault and the controller never finished initializing. 💡 Force a firmware update (with Only one controller connected: option) . I betcha the FW is corrupt
  6. G3 uses the On/Off dimming curve setting . Once the controller has been selected: Click the Config button:click Advanced Config 💡 I marked the outlet with Red Tape and labeled the enclosure: ## No Dim (avoids forgetting) I use this for Strobes and strings that have special power plugs
  7. That was just 16 AC channels? My first year was a 9 channel tree (1/2 circle)and a star on top. Looked thin so the next year, it was 18 (I doubled some positions with White on a single channel) Last year, it became 16 Channels of Dumb RGB (2@CMB24 and 1 AC). I use Bullets on Plastic Plumbers tape (ends up 12' lighted) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hd_tNtm1qfVcGD4CyMliD9ESZ26Pr2pO/view?usp=sharing My Pole is ~10' I added a Pixie4 this year, so The AC string is gone and I will add a fancier star in the future and I might switch out a couple of strips to Smart https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XssqectruJzV7RgB6YgUAjyPWDy9K_IY/view?usp=sharing I suggest something like this, because you can add 1 @ Dumb RGB controller on your basic license (and it sequences almost as easy as AC, just choose a color. 😄
  8. I would avoid doing that BECAUSE of the duplicate. This only applies to the Selected Network (if you have more than 1) Normally, you can use the lower section of the ID change: fill in the OLD, fill in the NEW (base) BTW Technically each NETWORK could have a ID 6. I really don't think you should do that because it is really subtle and easy to miss. A Gotcha in waiting
  9. A 'show' Uses a sequence file sent from the show manager (blue light bulb in tray). For that to happen, other processes need to be running first. The only thing that is Logical for Windows to possibly do Directly with a Sequence , is Edit.
  10. Snubbers are needed on Gen2 controllers for some LEDs. Gen3 have some (more might be needed).
  11. Go to the Power settings and turn Off sleep and shutdown (OK to let the Monitor sleep)
  12. Mini lights have 3-5 Amp fuses in their plugs. Also, the strings packaging Should have a May connect x end to end (remember the first plug handles the full load) If you do Max (8*3=24, which is 2x the power PLUG rating) out all Channels, you will ALSO need to plug each Bank into another Breaker 💡 split the heaviest loads between BANKS
  13. Orville. Measure at the Pixie terminals first (pay close attention to Bank A as that powers the Pixie). That (the load) is where you need the good power (could be a bad connection to the PSU. That will show if you need to bother to dig deeper)
  14. Missed that until you pointed it out. HC smart devices now default to a pale blue when no data (only power) is present. @Orville Have you measured the 12V at the board. That power hit may have weakened the PSU, and now it is out of tolerance. FWIW I set mine 5% high as there is no such ting as a negative voltage drop. (12V items usually have a %10 tolerance)
  15. Help desk time 😭. The self test pattern should have worked WITHOUT a network connection.
  16. Just went thru this (same symptoms) Power OFF the pixie. Hold the button. Power back on. continue to hold the button about 10 seconds
  17. Small Switches are cheap (my Fav is Netgear ProSafe, and that is $60 for a 1G 5port). You don't have a used router with more than 1 RJ45 out? It might even work as a switch without Cable / DSL INPUT
  18. Usually. Auto-crossover seems to be a modern Switch (a soho 'router' is 3 or 4 things in one box) thing. or use a spare switch. BTW your Laptop also needs to be Static as you now have no DHCP server
  19. IBM 3270 (green screen) 1/2 duplex EBCDiC. those things were heavy only topped by the 5080 Color CAD terminal
  20. Welcome to the post(ish) Covid19 world which has surfaced an amazing number of weaknesses in the way we do business. The Unions fought almost any automation in the ports (last I heard, they walk the rows to find a container to load onto a truck). Semiconductor house now use 'foundries' rather than fight all the regulations for doing it 'in house' like they did in the 70's. And JIT now means there are no storerooms full of parts. Oh! Spares! Who needs Spares? We want to sell them a new one next year 🥴 FWIW I visited 2 Walmarts for Halloween lights (more than once). People were buying the stuff almost faster than they could unbox the days shipment and get it on the shelf.
  21. Did you see the Bulb /string count (500+) ? Typical strings come in 10, 35, 70 DO NOT mix string bulb counts on a single channel, or the light output per bulb may differ. BTW kinda late for 2021 😛 (but do shop for strings on after Halloween sales (my stores already have gaps).
  22. the 16 channel you bought controller is for Mini-Lights/LED, NOT RGB (the big one). Next to consider: Each mouth shape is a channel (a 16 channel controller might do 2 faces independently) Boy is HC's mini-light singing pumpkin page confusing... I think you get all 8 faces for $55. Then you need to add a ton of LEDS/Mini-lights each. (remember neither type can be shortened . The design Bulb count must be maintained.)
  23. Theoretically: 4000' (far end only terminated: JP4 ) total
  24. Did you use the Advanced screen shown on Page 16 of the manual? Also NO JP5 on the board
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