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idmx firmware

stephen sims

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Iam having problem with the new firmware for the idmx I updated s2 then went to the hardware utily and updated the idmx with 1.41v refreshed and still only 16 units found should it be 32 if it able to control 512dmx what problem help:)

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Sorry for taking so long to answer your PM sims. I responded to it.

I will also explain it here so everyone understands how this works...

The iDMX now supports two different modes. One mode is what we were used to before, which is Legacy Mode. That mode is set by assigning your iDMX a unit number ending in 0. (ex: 10, 20, 30...) It will show up in your HU as 16 seperate units. So if you picked unit 10 as your ID, it will have units 10 through 19 and 1A through 1F. If you do the math, 16 x 16 still gives you 256 DMX channels.

In order to get the 512 DMX channels, you need to put the iDMX into Native Mode. To do this, you simply set the unit ID to something other than a number ending in 0. It can be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...you get the point. By doing so, the iDMX shows up as 1 single unit with 512 channels. If you refresh in the Hardware Utility after assigning it it's new unit ID, you will see that only one unit shows up. That has put the iDMX in Native Mode and you now have access to all 512 channels.

When you are sequencing just assign 512 channels to the same unit ID and that will be your DMX channels.

All of this information can be found on the help page of the LOR website. Just click on the "What's New in Version 2.7.6."


Hope that helps everyone out a little bit.:P

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Hi zman

the 1.41 firmware is with the S2 download

when i downloaded 2.7.4 it came along for the ride

works well --- have been playing with it for a few days

now have 2 spreadsheets for addressing

one Legacy Mode

one Native Mode

I burnt another license on a seperate computer with the 2.7.4

just for testing and comparing --- no issues so far

I think there is even a newer version of S2

Frank A.:)

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I just re-built my "build" computer over the weekend. I downloaded and installed the latest. 2.7.6. In that install, I am not seeing a firmware directory, or anything with the latest iDMX 1.41 version.

I see in the Whats New Doc that it specifically states in 2.7.4 that it was released then. Am I missing something?

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From the hardware utility, firmware button, near lower right, brings up firmware page. Click the open button, and it should bring up a open dialog in the correct directory...

Where it is may depend on the version of windows you have installed on. For me, it appears to be something roughly like: documents and settingsall userapplicationslorfirmware, or something similar to that. You may have an old firmware folder hanging around from LOR 1, that would not have the current firmware...

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Yup, OK, gotta love Windows now. Nothing is contained in one neat directory, rather spread out all over the place. Thanks.

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Hi zman

just getting here

glad to see you got the question answered already

when i updated to vista and started loading all my

different software programs i discovered i did not like

the organizqation much so i made my own directories and files to

mimic my xp stuff ---- what a pain though

Frank A.:(

oh i have reservations for that lodge you told me about in August

tee times also --- i'll let you know the times and days

latter if your interested in a round

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